Florence Pizza to rival Naples?

Pizza in Florence to rival Naples

I have eaten pizza in Naples several times and left shocked by the knowledge that the pizza in New Jersey could not compare.                               Story:  Pizza by the slice.

So when during an interview,  Rachel told me about the best pizza in Florence I was eager to try it but did not expect any comparison to the pizza I sampled in Naples with Tina my Discover Naples Destinations expert. 

  Pizza at Mamma Napoli, near the San Lorenzo Market is as if you are in Naples…
Individual pizzas you eat with a knife and fork are often a surprise for Italian Americans going      Home to Italy.   We have been trained on pizza by the slice, but this was a wonderful change and a taste so intense and flavorful.    But perhaps all of this is overshadowed by the warm and friendly treatment by the owner and staff.

Photo thanks to Rachel

The restaurant owner Signore Nicole and his wife Melina serve an extensive number of Italian dishes in addition to a great pizza.  While waiting for our pizza Nicole showed me their photo album of the countless kinds of pizza, pasta and fish dishes available!     There is a special section just for deserts and I hope to return just to sample a few of these.

Pizzeria Mamma Napoli   Piazza del Mercato Centrale 17 rosso, 50123 Florence, Italy
http://www.mammanapolibvc   +39 055 211131   

                                         The young pizza ‘chef’ won the 2014 award.

                              I had a quick lesson in pizza creation and a surprise fact that a particular flour is      used for pizza and not the dough you would use for ‘demonstrations” of tossing a disk of dough into the air.    Demonstration dough needs to be more elastic.

The huge wood fired oven cooks a pizza quickly with wonderful crispy edges

Why I liked the Pizza at Mamma Napoli:
  • In addition to the great food at Mamma Napoli was the friendly attention.  No one tried to rush me, I probably could have sat comfortably for an hour without any suggestion that I should ‘leave’ because the table would be needed soon
  • The food was served hot.   Since I had left the table to take photo and annoy the chef with questions I was asked if they could heat it again……how thoughtful but i didn’t want to wait to ‘dig in’ since the smell was very inviting.                                                                                                        
  • The restaurant offers outdoor seating as well as several large interior rooms.
  • The convenient location right behind the San Marco food and out door market.   Take a break from selecting scarves, leather bags or souvenirs and enjoy one of the many Neapolitan favorites.


Please tell the owner your read about him here at Home to Italy.
Thanks to Rachel for this great suggestions.   I hope she will become a regular feature on Home to Italy. giving us more information on the unique shops and restaurants I discover on my trips home.

Rachel and my host 
Art Historian, Italian-American living in Florence, Italy

Thank you Rachel for translating during lunch and photos.

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