Italy’s Friday the 13th

I should have know today was a special day.    Mercolode dice sette is the equivalent  to Friday the  13th in the USA.

Nothing seemed to go right:

1. found I had NO ticket for my flight to Brindisi due to an error in the spelling of my name on the reservation.  To correct this I had to call the airlines.
2.  no answer at the Vueling web site on any of their 3 telephone numbers:  Spain, London, Italy
3.  The web site clearly states “No one will be allowed to fly if the ID does not match your ticket”

I have no respect for Expedia who would NOT help since the ticket was purchased via British Air who was code sharing with Vueling.

Solution:  buy a second ticket at twice the cost of the first ticket!

So all is well………….no, no, no…………..that would be too easy

Staff at check in says ‘it should be no problem to use the ticket with the wrong name’ and issues me a boarding pass
Adding more horror to the events, they give me a middle seat and ‘cant change it because you checked in’ (with the ticket with the wrong name)

I have 3 or 4 more check points to test the ability to fly with a name NOT on your passport

Never got past checking my luggage before the name error is noted.
At this point I give up and ask to use the new ticket with the CORRECT name and get on with it.

With my new boarding pass with my old correct name I stand in line at security for 1/2 hour and set off the alarm when passing through..

At 5 foot 3 I ONLY have 1.5 inches before I hit the seat back

What else can and will go wrong?

Plane is delayed.
Water at the airport is $2.50 a bottle
Food on the plane and water are for sale
Plane is dirty and some strange stains on the wall I won’t go near
My seat does not recline because it is broken but at least the plastic armrest is not torn and a hazard for cuts as are the other two seats in my row.
the leg room is LESS than Delta and I am short

How is the passenger in the middle to every get out of this small space

I have NO idea what the passenger left in the seat pocket but NO one cleaned the plane

But the Staff are very pretty women with a pleasant attitudes and the plane is not full

Can not wait to see what Friday the 17th will continue to give me

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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