Italy: Lecce must be on your list

 The Florence of the South

is the description you read in all the tour books for Lecce, Italy  

On my third trip to Lecce Ylenia Sambati, the CEO of, arranged an in depth tour of the city with Samantha Sgherzi, an official guide in Puglia.  

As on previous visits I didn’t even enter the churches.  I was too fascinated with the facades.   The stone used throughout Lecce is unique.   It will change in color during the day.   The following photos are not edited and the same building will print in a light tan to a rich golden color.   

The amazing details on the church exteriors keep you staring up

Samantha knew the history of Lecce and shared facts of each building that a tourist may never find.
Buildings are lavishly festooned with intricately carved designs, giving the city a unique aspect. 
Through a zoom lens you can see the amazing details.  Each figure is unique with a different facial expression.   I failed to see any design repeated!

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