ITALY: purchasing or renting in Puglia?

Yle Sambati in Puglia Adds Rentals and Home Purchases to  YLTOUR list of unique services……………

YLTOUR has more than 12 years creating special travel events for visitors to Puglia.    

Custom events are created based on individual travelers’ interestS or hobbies.

             If you have traveled to Italy and visited the big 3 or even explored areas other than Rome, Florence and Venice isn’t it time to explore the local culture beyond the tourist sites?   

Now YLTOUR has created an authentic travel adventure for a traveler to live as a ‘local’ not a tourist.

Spend a week or longer in a village or a country farm setting and live as a local….immerse yourself in the daily life, shop at the markets, explore off the beaten track towns, enjoy the quiet beaches.

'Enchanting relaxing apartment in a farmhouse nestled in the countryside with swimming pool. Sleeps 2/4'
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Enchanting relaxing apartment in a farmhouse nestled in the countryside 
with a swimming pool.  Sleeps 2 to 4

Find the hidden places in Puglia with Yle.
She does all the research and finds the best match suited to your needs:  large or small groups, apartment or larger country homes. 

Your personal travel concierge can make all the arrangements.
Clients are contacted via email and skype to share all details, availability and pricing.

Pack your bags, your best adventure is just an email or 
Skype call away.
Contact Ylenia Sambati to discuss your next trip to Puglia. 

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If you have already fallen in love with Puglia, speak with Yle about searching for your next home in Italy:

rent or buy:  farmhouses, villas, apartments, houses in quint villages, wine or olive oil estates.   


Experience Puglia with Yltour 

  • attend the new wine school 
  • food or cooking lessons
  • ride in classic cars 
  • magnificent olive groves
  • wine tastings at local wineries
  • amazing private estates 
  • visit quaint villages   

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

One thought on “ITALY: purchasing or renting in Puglia?

  1. I am learning italian on skype for free and its really good place to do so….Joined this program a week ago and got to know about several mistakes that I do very often..Completely satisfied from the sessions and the lessions provided and they are helping me very much in learning the language…Must use this to improve your italian language….


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