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Aug 06, 2015
Italian Vegetarian Cooking from Cook in Puglia. Our contributor Ylenia Sambati the CEO of shares another great vegetarian recipe. In Italian as well as English! Yle shall share vegetarian recipes from her Italian …
Jul 08, 2015
Puglia, Italy. Yle Sambati, CEO of was recently interviewed by. Lee Laurino, Editor/Writer of Home to Italy about her Cooking and Wine School in Puglia, Italy. Participating in a cooking class may be one of the top …
Jun 16, 2013
Mamma’s Kitchen: Italian cooking in Puglia. OLIVA: WELCOME IN MOMMA ANNA’s KITCHEN. ….. in an Oil Mill another great post from Yle with learn italy. Mother of four, sweet and lovely, her smile is conquering …
Jan 26, 2013
Our expert in Puglia, Yle Sambati the owner of ( has created the perfect culinary experience for chefs and would be cooks to experience food preparation from the hands of an expert: Mamma!

Jan 26, 2013
A Mediterranean diet has been declared a healthy way to live and as I encounter Italians of an ‘advanced’ age who look vital and younger than their years, I have to believe there is something to this. Our expert in Puglia, Yle …
Jun 23, 2014
On this visit Yle, the CEO of, a custom travel consultant, arranged an interview with Mamma G and for me watch her make her signature focaccia and talk about her thoughts on healthy Italian food.
Feb 05, 2015
Italy: Only cooking and wine school in Puglia. Cooking and Wine School in Puglia a new venture with For the past 15 years countless travelers have had memorable vacations created by Yltour. Short or long trips …
Sep 09, 2014
Anne Robichaud – An Umbrian tour guide in Italy most of the year, Anne also teaches Umbrian rural cuisine in private homes in the U.S. in February and March…and lectures. Anne and her …
Mar 17, 2012
Yle is giving us a wonderful look inside the kitchens of some of the best Italian cooks in Puglia, a mamma! Yle offers amazing holidays that can include hands on cooking with an expert. I can vouch for an incredible experience …
Aug 04, 2014
… asked my best sources in Italy. Monica Cesarato in Venice and Ylenia Sambati in Lecce, my Italian sources, are proficient cooks who offer cooking classes in Venice and Lecce. Where did Italian Americans learn to cook?
Aug 10, 2012
A mother of 4, Yle included – the Puglia Travel expert – Mamma Anna embodies the sweetest image of the Italian Mamma. We know she loves textiles, perfumed body creams and peasant cooking from Puglia . Let’s get to …

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