Is this Italy or New Jersey?

    After 6 weeks on the road I often forget where I am but today when I reached the beach in Viareggio, Italy

 I thought it could be Sea Side, New Jersey except they have a concrete boardwalk!

Many shops and restaurants line the street that boarders the sea in Viarreggio and hundreds of people are walking the length of the paved ‘boardwalk’.

I even found some games that we find on boardwalks in the USA with a slight twist.  The carousels are small and only for young children.

By June this resort town will be open for business.  In August when all of Ialy goes to the beach, there will be no space for another blanket!   Adjacent to the stone pier are many boat warehouses, perhaps for repair, construction and sale.  But what caught my eye are the massive yachts moored in the harbor.    I wonder who owns these ‘ships’.

                     What boardwalk does this remind you of?

Far out on the stone ‘pier’ there is a statue with the moutain view in the background

Read that this was a great fish and chips food “boat” and I agree!  Laughed with the 2 ladies frying and serving a variety of fish and potato dishes when I ordered via Number as per the sign, NO ONE ever does that!

Private beaches line the  promenade and you PAY for a chair and an umbrella, each company is designated by the color of the rental items

 Very small strip of FREE sand for anyone to use.
 The  yachts
  in the harbor.  Where will they sail next?

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

2 thoughts on “Is this Italy or New Jersey?

  1. Hi Bonnie, there are dozens and dozens of hotels. but the end of aug is the italian travel time so you may wish to book NOW. i am across from the sea and close to everything if you do NOT use th google map that offers………….shall b posting a viareggio mini review later…..did find a few interesting things here but most of the town is still closed ……….and sahll open in a few weeks: a museum for their versi9n of carnavale, an anciet theater across the street that the ticket lady looks like she has sat there for centuries, my new favoirte fish place offering tutti fritta on the canal, a central market for things you never need, a pedestrian street with NO tourists, the cupcake lady i met yesterday etc.


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