Home to Italy THANKS YOU

I want to THANK YOU!

As I crawl to my initial goal of 100,000 readers I want to thank all of you who have clicked a link or actually read a story!

I want to thank all of you recently or at the beginning of this long journey, for encouraging me or added a comment to a post

Thank you to the countless Italians I have annoyed over the years by asking questions, by speaking Italian as a 4 year old (at best), by always returning Home to Italy.

Thank you to the new groups and individuals I have met this year, who have helped me recreate my theme (see end of post)

Thank you to the first Italian who agreed to post on my blog 3 years ago.   Yle Sambati.  She now will have a new monthly feature on my site.  

Thank you to the supportive online FB groups who answer questions from someone who does NOT live with a tech support person!   

I even want to thank everyone who thought they were being helpful to tell me I don’t know what I am doing and other bloggers have 100k readers a month.   You have given me the will (after a few days of crushed self esteem)  to prove you wrong.

Thank you to Al Floda for telling me about Juanita McDowell who introduced me to blogging.  Now she is my dream keeper and we * kick each other to reach our goals.

Thank you all.

I invite those who are not interested to unsubscribe.  

For those going on with this journey I will be focusing on story telling this year.  Telling the fascinating stories of the Italians I meet, who I contact online or though my NEW ASSISTANT who lives in Italy.

I am not a big blogger nor popular, nor skilled……but I am an Italian American who spends months each year ‘living Italian’ rather than wishing I could. 

If you also follow this outlook, post your story below and share.

Just some of the many who I have met on this journey:

Monica, Yvonne, Kelly, Tina, Yle, Olga, Mamma Anna, Mamma Guila, Sheila, Rachel, Sig Nardi, the 3 sisters in Naples, Sig Fiorentino,  Ada, Isabell, THE WOMEN OF MBX in Florence, Matthew, Italian Stories,

Published by Lee Laurino

A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

4 thoughts on “Home to Italy THANKS YOU

  1. Thank you for being a regular reader! This week (I hope) I shall introduce Marisa from Venice in a 2 part story on 'how the beads speak to her' and a new feature for all Italian Food lovers before the end of the month!


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