Are you a Vega or Vegetarian and LOVE Italy? This is for you!

Ylenia Sambati

Veg Puglia Tours for Vegans and Vegetarians

Ylenia Sambati promotes healthy lifestyle habits through food, outdoor activities, meditation and dance, cycling, travel.

She’s been a vegetarian since she was a little girl and once her parents realized that unlike her brother and sisters she could not eat meat or fish for the only reason was she loved animals, they simply added into her food program more legumes and natural proteins.


She’s very compassionate and caring with animals and has rescued many of them all the time. All the pets in her house in fact have been rescued from the streets and her horse is another love of her life.


When talking healthy lifestyle, Ylenia actually promotes a more consciousness way of living that does not only include food but also sport, art and all those things that bring balance and fullness into one’s life.

Her travel company YLTOUR PR and cooking school COOKINPUGLIA, also provide extraordinary programs for celiacs, vegans and vegetarians.

Spreading love and compassion also through travel and lifestyle is the essence of her business and daily inspiration:   starting this year in fact, Ylenia has launched new travel adventures in Puglia for vegetarian and vegan travelers.


Ylenia Sambati, Vegetarian and Coordinator at YLTOUR PR, explains the company’s philosophy:

“Our philosophy is to make it easy for both vegetarians and vegans to travel around Puglia without having to worry about food and immerse fully in the area all the while feeling part of the destination.  Being vegan or vegetarian is not a limitation.
It has never been for me, nor will it be for my clients.”


So, how does your company design a trip for a Vegan or a Vegetarian?

Being vegan/vegetarian can be a dietary choice or a lifestyle dedicated to treating all living beings with respect and care.
We listen to our unique clients needs and make it easier for them to have their Puglia experience vegan or vegetarian Puglia style.
Puglia is a paradise for our vegetarian and vegan friends: it is the land of organic fresh food, plant – based, super healthy and delicious, cooked with love and attention paved to healthy benefits. The food is planned ahead of the arrival of the guests so that guests are assured of their vegan/vegetarian meals.

Where do guests stay?

Years of experience in the travel section and preferred local connections enable YLTOUR PR to arrange stays for guests in authentic Masserie (renovated farm estates), hotels for any budget or charming B&B.

What else does the tour include?

The Veg Puglia Tours includes cultural programs and activities such as yoga, meditation, dance cooking classes, hiking, biking, photography.

How is the tour conducted?

YLTOUR PR conducts tours preferably in small groups with a maximum size of ten/twelve guests. Talented local guides and a YLTOUR PR Leader accompany the group from the time the guests arrive at the airport till the day the tour ends.

Who do you contact to enroll for the tours or design a private small group tour?


You can find out about YLTOUR PR trips for vegetarian and vegans on the website and send an email to Ylenia Sambati to with your preferred voyage details, when to book the travel, cost involved, any specific requirement.

We conclude our story today with the announcement of a  Veg Puglia Tour for Vegans and Vegetarians  in partnership with YLTOUR PR and Home to Italy

Details will be published very soon.  

See some of Yle’s online cookbook here at Home to ItalyNew recipes offered monthly.



for the Animals, for human health, for compassion, for the planet, for love

For veg trip planning in Puglia please send an email to

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