Experience Italy with Locals in Puglia


Ylenia Sambati is the owner/operator at COOKINPUGLIA, PUGLIA WINESCHOOL and YLTOUR PR.

With an extensive experience of over 15 years in the tourism and culinary fields, she designs some exclusive cooking and wine experiences and programs in Puglia that showcase the most authentic lifestyle of this incredible area.

Her cooking and wine school in Squinzano (in the Salento area which now proves to be the trendiest part of the region) is unlike any cooking school you will have encountered in Puglia. If you are looking for a partner to create unique cooking and wine experiences, rich in cultural and lifestyle insights, she could be a great fit.

Ylenia is also the curator of bespoke trips in Puglia and experiences for local 5 star Hotels and Masserie: once you get in touch with her, she works with you to create a perfect cooking lesson and wine + olive oil experience, creating exceptional cooking lessons and wine tastings unique and crafted with just you or your clients in mind.  She is also famous for her special picnics in an olive grove with a country chic flavor.

Her cooking and wine school is just 15 minutes from Lecce and from Brindisi, a perfect place to include in a Puglia program for a half day experience.   The school is located in the magnificent northern Salento area with spectacular vineyards and olive groves around.    It is a unique in style venue that can welcome from 2 to 40 people comfortably accommodated. The Palazzo with spacious rooms for cooking, tasting or just relaxing on the sofas enjoying the view, overlooks an almost cinematographic square which is a postcard of the most authentic Salento slow life with colors, architecture, great atmosphere and old men still playing cards.

Learn with a mamma in Puglia
A view from the school window

The cooking class is hands-on with the preparation of a four course meal, an informal wine tasting and lunch or dinner to follow, while listening to Opera music and getting to know the many aspects of this magnificent land.

As a lifestyle expert,  passionate in fact – she also writes on a lifestyle blog on her website – she shares with the guests all the most incredible information and insights not just about the food and wine, but also about the region, traditions, local culture.


 Wine tasting parties are arranged with the presentation and tasting of a great selection of not commercial wines and paired with great local foods, cooked on spot by the local women of the town.

Ylenia Sambati also works with travel agents and she designs exclusive travel experiences to craft any specific vacation: your Puglia trip planning begins the minute you send her your private enquiry.

You tell her the dates and preferred ingredients of your exclusive cooking class or wine experience and she develops the perfect program for you, your small groups, your clients. Her cooking and wine school can be a wonderful addition to your Puglia program.

Visit her websites and contact Ylenia Sambati: info@yltourpr.com

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