See More of the Colosseum, with the Roman Guy

The Colosseum in Rome, an iconic monument Now you can have a closer look with 

 The Roman Guy

Today the Roman Guy is showing me Rome from a new perspective!    
Most tourists to Rome have seen the Colosseum.    On every trip I walk down Via Cavour in the evening just to see this massive, ancient structure 

The group was large, over 22 .  Keeping us all together was a challenge for our guide.

      We were issued wrist bands when we checked in with a staff member located near the metro stop

Our tour began at what most would consider, the BACK of the Colosseum

                     There are security stations at the entrances and EVERY bag is checked.    A slow                                                       process so be prepared and bring patience.

                     Up close and personal

The group is given a timed entrance and a scheduled amount of time on the new platform that overlooks the floor of the Colosseum.  This photo shows you the location your tour will view the interior.  Photo taken from across the arena

360 degree view taken from the platform

                  You will see all the numbered entrances that took thousands of Romans to the level and                                                        section where their seats were located

The sheer size can be appreciated from the platform we had access to.

If your seat was near the top and uncovered it was exposed to the hot sun.

A closer look into the lower areas, what would have been under the original floor

Upper left:  this is the area The Roman Guy tours allows you access too

Were Romans tall?   The steps to the upper tiers were very steep

                                      and our group climbed all the levels and explored everything

We climbed to the TOP of the arena to give us the view Romans would have.

                The next part of the tour took us to the forum

Our guide had endless energy even after hours in the HOT sun.

Her depth of knowledge was amazing .  She had additional photos to explain what the ruins originally looked like.

But  the size of the group made questions impossible except for the few in the front of the pack to ask questions and  we moved quickly from one part of the Forum to another… much to see and learn.

The Roman Guy offers a wide assortment of tours.   Many experiences are unique and perfect for first time visitors.  
Returning travelers to Rome can see much more than the basic monuments with the Roman Guy.  I have taken two of their tours 
and found them well organized and comprehensive.    

Contact The Roman Guy for any of their amazing tours, the list is available on their site:  tours


  • The Colosseum and Form can be very hot during the middle of the day (tour was in May).  Bring water and the smart travelers were wearing hats.   
  • The meeting point for the tour is outside the Metro station and there is a free water station, something I have not seen in Rome before.  
  • Solo travelers need to stay with the group.   There are many groups in the area and it is easy to loose site of your leader and the secondary entrance site requires another security check.   It is very easy to loose the group as I did. 

The Roman Guy web site:   click here

Toll free from USA or Canada
+1 888 290 5595
iMessage, Whatsapp
+39 342 876 1859
8270 30th Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, Fl 33710

My tour was complementary of The Roman Guy.  The opinions are my own and the photos  are the property of Home to Italy.

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