Pugatory: a small museum to the Souls in Purgatory

Burned images, one of the exhibits of contact with souls in purgatory

Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

   A new addition to on my list of experiences that tourists may never visit

Located in the Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio a small Roman church just past the Castel Sant’ Angelo is a one room ‘museum’ to the Souls in Purgatory.

A small mention in Where Traveler magazine peaked my interest to visit this museum that is off the beaten path 
in Rome.

Visiting a museum devoted to physical evidence of possible contact with the souls who ‘await entry into heaven, offered a

glimpse into the world beyond the end of this life and a little of the supernatural.

Exterior church photo from Wikipedia

You may walk past Chiesa del Sacro Curore del Suffagio if you are not looking carefully.    Standing across the street you can appreciate the lovely exterior.

The interior is small and during my visit, very quiet and not well lit.     The room housing the artifacts is off the right aisle and towards the alter.   Although there was an employee at a desk in this area, no information was offered.  Details for this post is attributed to online sources.

The ‘museum’ is a small, narrow room with photos or original examples of contact with souls in purgatory.  The
burn mark photos online are clearer without the glare from a flash.

burn finger prints      

“Let us pray for the souls in purgatory”, a remembered part of general prayers during mass.  Prayers from those still on earth are designed to hasten the assent to heaven for souls atoning for sins.  “Apparently purgatory is not mentioned in the bible although All Soul’s day is celebrated each year on November 2nd.”  Dating from the 11th century, the concept of a holding area for souls prior to going to heaven, was perhaps an encouragement to live a good life so you would go directly to heaven.  

Photo credit: Margaret Galitzin      F

The tangible exhibits of ‘messages from beyond the grave’ allows your imagination to explore the possibility of the life beyond…..
Who started the collection:                 

French priest Fr. Victor Jouet is credited with his mission to find physical proof of the existence of purgatory and to establish this ‘purgatorial museum’ in 1917.  more information.                                                

The small number of exhibits are an assortment of ‘burned’ prayer books, a table top, clothing and other items that might substantiate the belief that souls are attempting to contact loved ones. click

There is a detailed description of 10 exhibits in an article titled Holy Souls, no author listed.  Find photos and descriptions here.   https://purgatorysouls.blogspot.com/p/romes-purgatory-museum.html

Several of the more striking descriptions are 7a (photo at top of this page) ascribed to be the hand print of the deceased Fr Panzini left on November 1, 1731 on the table used by Mother Isabella Fornari, abbess of the Poor Clares of the Monastery of St. Francis in Todi.
Exhibit 9 claims to be the finger  prints of Joseph Schitz (deceased) after touching the prayer book of his brother George on December 21, 1838.  

Purgatory may be a mystery of faith.   Where is it located?  How long must we remain there?
Or is this purgatory and we are judged on how we live our lives?

Museum is free but donations are welcome.  

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