Made in Italy, a guide to artisans throughout Italy

Made in Italy, by Laura Morelli


We all may be arm-chair travelers this year, but we can still travel throughout Italy in the pages of Made in Italy. 
Part Italian history lesson, part insider travel guide this compact volume takes your inside the towns and villages of Italy where traditional handmade traditions flourish.
An award-winning author of Art-historical fiction and writer of a guidebook series, Authentic Arts guidebooks,  Morelli has updated her popular series for the third time and gives the reader up-to-date suggestions on how to experience Italy via the people who make the Italian items recognized all over the world.
Covering 5 regions  in Italy from the North to the tip of the boot, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, this is a wonderful exploration of towns and cities a traveler will be enticed to add to their next itinerary. 
                                                        Sample of the map for the NE region
Helpful maps of each region assist planning the cities to explore while traveling between regions.  Each chapter includes the history of an area highlighting the particular handcrafted and artistic items each region is known for, often detailing how a product is made.   In addition, Morelli includes detailed information on specialty food items, vinegars and wines you can discover on your travels. 
Not only shopperswill enjoy this easy read, but travelers may find new ways to ‘experience’ Italy by interacting with locals, visiting a studio and leaning about skills perfected over decades to create items that are truly ‘Italian’.
“One of the many things that make Italy great, is their traditional handmade items that join the past with today.” a quote from her book

Finely crafted violins from Cremona


You know about the lace makers in Burano, but have you seen the pupie marionettes in Sicily or the paper makers in Amalfi.
Sicily:   pupie
Amalfi hand made Carta (paper)
You can watch women in Sardinia hand weave certini or admire the carved stone in the shops in Lecce, Puglia.   Some of the many skilled passed from one generation to the next
In a world filled with mass produced products it is refreshing to find craftspeople creating stunning jewelry, fine leather goods, pottery, carved wood, nativity pieces for the Presepe, perfumes from ancient recipes and so much more. 
On your next trip to Italy support a local artist.   All the new places you can experience on a trip Home to Italy!
Wood carving in  Legno
The author has compiled a list of recommended artisans and shops, Artisans of Italy, available to readers of Made in Italy, available on Amazon
Morelli has a PhD. from Yale, has written for National Geographic Traveler, USA Today and Italy Magazines and has published award winning novels including The Gondola Maker and the Painter’s Apprentice.  Her new work, The Giant, is available now.  all photos are the property of Laura Morelli    

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