Florence: Street Art

Street Art in Florence

April 2021 | Lee Laurino

A compact city known for renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo, Florence offers many famous paintings, frescos and sculptures in its countless churches, museums and palaces. However, less notable art also exists throughout the city. When exploring the cobbled streets of Florence, remember to look up to find some “quiet” art.

While budding artists may be creating chalk replicas of famous works of art for tourists on Via Calimala that will be washed away by the nightly street cleaner, the unannounced installation by Clet Abraham is longer lasting and provokes thought and often a smile. 

Unless you visit the city often or are fortunate enough to live in Firenze, you may miss new installations even as others are removed. No corner metal sign or directional is safe from the embellishment of a Clet Abraham removable sticker. The subject may be a political comment, resistance to a city rule or simply an opportunity to create discussion through street sign art.

After years of spotting the signature red or blue disks, a local told me about the artist. Online, Clet Abraham is described as “best known for his work on street signs which feature creative and unique twists on otherwise plain signs.” Originally from France, Clet has been living in Italy for the past 20 years. 

Clet’s street art popularity has increased since locations for his pieces are listed on one of the city websites. Clet followers can experience a virtual treasure hunt searching for Clet’s installations. Clet Abraham’s Facebook page also boasts an extensive library of his art. 

Visit the studio in San Niccolo, Via Dell’Olmo 8r Firenze, to enjoy additional original art and novelties inspired by street sign art.

Several of the above examples are from the Clet website where you can find many other examples and place orders https://www.clet.com/

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