How local Italians are working to improve the lives of dogs

In 2010 Fiona Cole and Carlo Cesario rescued Dino Fortunato in Calabria, Southern Italy and brought him home to California.   Following their story online at the time reminded me of the ‘local dogs’ I met during my 3 months in Sorrento, Italy In large Italian cities you may notice dogs with owners in tow, oftenContinue reading “How local Italians are working to improve the lives of dogs”

Florence: Street Art

Street Art in Florence April 2021 | Lee Laurino A compact city known for renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo, Florence offers many famous paintings, frescos and sculptures in its countless churches, museums and palaces. However, less notable art also exists throughout the city. When exploring the cobbled streets of Florence, remember toContinue reading “Florence: Street Art”

Venice: the vera da pozzo: Water Wells

Venice may be one of the most photographed cities in Italy and well deserved. The canals, the colorful gondolas and the many bridges are only a few of the unique sites to photograph. It is easy to miss items that have a great story to tell. Sometimes only a local can share insight and storiesContinue reading “Venice: the vera da pozzo: Water Wells”

Just released, an Italian vegetarian cookbook by Ylenia Sambatii

Italian cuisine may be one of the most popular in the USA and if you are part of an Italian family you have enjoyed traditional dishes as well as special treats on holidays.  Although fresh vegetables are a mainstay in Italian cooking, a vegetarian diet is now achievable with the new book by Ylenia Sambatti: Continue reading “Just released, an Italian vegetarian cookbook by Ylenia Sambatii”

Made in Italy, a guide to artisans throughout Italy

Made in Italy, by Laura Morelli     We all may be arm-chair travelers this year, but we can still travel throughout Italy in the pages of Made in Italy.    Part Italian history lesson, part insider travel guide this compact volume takes your inside the towns and villages of Italy where traditional handmade traditionsContinue reading “Made in Italy, a guide to artisans throughout Italy”

Pietre Dure: the art of hard stones

Florence offers a  view into the ancient art of Pietre Dure         Not a painting.    Stone Art        Museo Opificio delle Pietre Dure Via degli Alfani 78 – 50121 Firenze Perhaps more familiar are the artistic techniques of mosaic, using small pieces of cut stone or marquetry, applying pieces of woodContinue reading “Pietre Dure: the art of hard stones”

Museum of the Liberation of Rome

    Museo storico della Liberazione, Rome  another unique experience to discover- beyond the tourist sites. The museum recording the liberation of Rome from the Nazi occupation is housed in a non descript apartment building not far from the Basilica of St John Laterna. Here you will find records of the Italian Resistance in 1944Continue reading “Museum of the Liberation of Rome”

Photos from Florence, Italy during the shutdown

  What is happening in Italy today? Italians have been under stay at home orders for weeks leaving the streets empty, stores closed and tourists returning home to wait out the pandemic. As a few of the strict rules are being changed or lifted, Italian cities are seeing a few signs of life.       Continue reading “Photos from Florence, Italy during the shutdown”

Italy: closed for months but locals became very innovative!

         Italians Became Creative during the shut down Italians have stoically followed the directives of their regional governments to stay at home since early March and finally have started to return to what will become the new normal.   Some worker were able to tele-commute from home while  non-essential businesses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums,Continue reading “Italy: closed for months but locals became very innovative!”