Now that I no longer take vacations, I have adventures!

going home to Italy every year is something I look forward to every year.I always visit Florence, the city that convinced me to return for a semester abroad while at Syracuse University.   As all college students I had gone through the shock of moving away to a town where I knew almost no one, butContinue reading “Now that I no longer take vacations, I have adventures!”

Tell Rick Steves you need more than 3 pairs of underwear on a trip!

I love Rick Steves and take his books with me when I travel to Italy.   But I have to tell Rick that you NEED more than 3 pairs of underwear on a trip longer than a week!    I packed carefully for my most recent trip Home To Italy this October.   Everything coordinated and everything couldContinue reading “Tell Rick Steves you need more than 3 pairs of underwear on a trip!”

Artist in Sorrento

 While traveling to visit my family’s village in Petina Italy this October, I stopped in Sorrento .   After spending 3 months there on a sabbatical 2 years ago it was difficult to return. This is a small city with a truly small town heart. I walked all the streets I remembered, noting the stores orContinue reading “Artist in Sorrento”


Once I stopped taking trips to beach locations, I found much more time to visit other cities in the USA and other countries. Since many American only have 2 or maybe 3 weeks vacation a YEAR (those that still have jobs) it is difficult to juggle how to spend the few free days you haveContinue reading “NO MORE BEACH VACATIONS! Now I have time for TRAVEL”

Finding and Visiting Our Family Village

I have threatened my family that I was going to find and visit Petina for the past 3 years. Other relatives have visited by car, but I had hoped to take the train and taxi to this small town.Little did I know that there IS NOT TRAIN OR TAXI. You can take the bus fromContinue reading “Finding and Visiting Our Family Village”

Even nuns have a bad day sometimes…..

I am traveling in Italy for 30 days and this is not a glamor trip. While doing several other projects, see other posts, I am trying to see if I can do Italy on 100 a day. NO not 100 dollars, 100 euors and it is difficult. So I am staying in convent hotels inContinue reading “Even nuns have a bad day sometimes…..”

The bus in Italy hates me…..

NEVER take the bus!! i have written about riding the bus to Fiuggi with 25 teenagersI have taken the bus to Fiesole but that was the end of the route and i could not get lost, but i have been left in a small town during the FOUR hour lunch hour because the bus didContinue reading “The bus in Italy hates me…..”