Pugatory: a small museum to the Souls in Purgatory

Burned images, one of the exhibits of contact with souls in purgatory Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory    A new addition to on my list of experiences that tourists may never visit Located in the Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio a small Roman church just past the Castel Sant’ Angelo is a one room ‘museum’Continue reading “Pugatory: a small museum to the Souls in Purgatory”

Venice: roof top views

Exploring Italian cities, villages and fortified towns     Walking the lanes and streets of charming Italian villages or the larger avenues of major Italian cities, I can experience Italian lifestyle from ground level.  To appreciate the scope of the city and the surrounding countryside you must climb.     While Italian towns usually have a major church, someContinue reading “Venice: roof top views”

Why I can NOT move to Italy……….

Of Course I love Italy, visiting any small town, village or city via train routes. Returning Home to Italy 2 or 3 times a year confirms with each visit, that I must spend time in Italy.  So why can’t I just pack up and move home?   I did this for my first 3 month ‘sabbatical’ inContinue reading “Why I can NOT move to Italy……….”

Venice: What do gondoliers wear on their feet?

What do gondoliers wear on their feet?      When you think of Venice, the first thought may be the iconic gondola ride along the grand canal or on one of the quiet canals traversing the many islands that make up this city.   .  You can enjoy watching the approximate 400  glossy black gondolas silently passing from theContinue reading “Venice: What do gondoliers wear on their feet?”

Italy: Tivoli Villa d’Este in the rain

Traveling does not always have sunny days…………….Often your schedule may not be that flexible or allow you to ‘go another day’.  You may plan a museum day if the forecast is rain unless it is the only day you can visit the famous garden in Tivoli Italy. My day to see Tivoli, after 5 years of saying ‘IContinue reading “Italy: Tivoli Villa d’Este in the rain”

Rome: taking the Green Tube instead of the bus

Not a bus, Not a train:   the Green metal tubes that can take you around Rome without a tourist in sight………………..TRAMS You can find the older green trans outside the Termini station    Rome:  This trip Home to Italy found me at a WWII Nazi interrogation center, Mussolini’s rented home during the war and my firstContinue reading “Rome: taking the Green Tube instead of the bus”

"If you want to know a city book a local with Prontopia"*

Venice   Rome   Florence If you are visiting for the first time,  an independent traveler or returning often, Prontopia can simplify your travel   Use Prontopia to book a local to help eliminate some of the stress of travel Arriving in a new city where you do not speak the language and signs may not alwaysContinue reading “"If you want to know a city book a local with Prontopia"*”

Great news for travelers arriving /leaving from Rome

Great news if you fly to or from Rome, Italy I almost missed this news since I have been traveling for months but if you go Home to Italy via Rome you can now take a direct train to the airport from a few cities without a stop/change in Rome! What is more exciting toContinue reading “Great news for travelers arriving /leaving from Rome”

Art in the Cemetery of the Holy Gate in Florence, Italy

With a zoom lens you can view the Duomo in Florence Cemetery of the Holy GateLocated next to the church San Miniato al Monte. Italy is packed with art and the city of Florence, Italy is no exception.    Major museums display and protect some of the most famous paintings, tapestries and sculpture.   SculpturesContinue reading “Art in the Cemetery of the Holy Gate in Florence, Italy”

Italian stone angels, Rome

Italy is known for outstanding museums           where art treasures are on display You can find incredible marble carvings in museums, public plazas and even private homes and courtyards.  But have you searched for other incredible carvings in the cemetery? Entrance to the Rome English cemetery in Rome A view of the PiramideContinue reading “Italian stone angels, Rome”