Padua to visit the Scrovegni Chapel

Part of the massive fresco “The Last Judgment” Most visitors race from Firenze to Venice without considering a stop at any of the wonderful cities that can easily be visited during this trip.  Travelers, unlike tourists, seek experiences that may not be on the top 10 list of a tourist guides.  Padua offers a numberContinue reading “Padua to visit the Scrovegni Chapel”

Italian contacts are like beads on a necklace ………………

 My Italian beads These are NOT the beautiful beads you find in Venice! Many people collect beads as a reminder of a place they visited, a special event or something they are fond of. I think of the wonderful Italians I meet in Italy or follow on line as my beads of Italy.    Many of myContinue reading “Italian contacts are like beads on a necklace ………………”

Lonely Planet tells about second entrance for the Vatican Museum

GREAT, future second entrance to the Vatican Museum!A post from Lonely Planet announces plans for a second entrance for the Vatican Museum.   If you have waited in line for this amazing experience, you will appreciate the future plans for a second entrance.Read the LP article second entrance planned for vatican museum

Rome: Paint and Sketch in a Roman Park with artist Kelly Medford

Rome:  Art in the Park with Kelly Medford Several years ago I spent 2 days following Kelly while she painted in Rome.   She was gracious to allow me to shadow her while she completed a project of painting a picture every day!  see post at  Rome Italy through the eyes of a talented American artist.Continue reading “Rome: Paint and Sketch in a Roman Park with artist Kelly Medford”

Sicily: Opera dei Pupi: an Italian tradition you can still find

    Hundreds of eyes followed me as I explored the Museum di Pupi  (Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum) in Palermo Italy. An army of soldiers away the next battle In 2008 The Unesco intangible heritage list of cultural traditions in danger of extinction, included the Opera dei Pupi, Sicilian puppet theatre.  Always searching for anything in Italy notContinue reading “Sicily: Opera dei Pupi: an Italian tradition you can still find”

Florence: the children’s home Ospedale degli Innocenti

More of the renovation has been completed 5/1/2017  Florence, Italy Ospedale degli Innocenti: the hospital of the innocents Walking through the Piazza Santissima Annunziata as an exchange student many years ago, the imposing building on the east side of the piazza was never open, but it has proudly kept its long history of service to children.   For the past year+ scaffoldingContinue reading “Florence: the children’s home Ospedale degli Innocenti”

See More of the Colosseum, with the Roman Guy

The Colosseum in Rome, an iconic monument Now you can have a closer look with   The Roman Guy Today the Roman Guy is showing me Rome from a new perspective!     Most tourists to Rome have seen the Colosseum.    On every trip I walk down Via Cavour in the evening just to seeContinue reading “See More of the Colosseum, with the Roman Guy”

Where did Caesar really die? LivItalytours when you want to see more of Rome

Caesar did NOT die in the Colosseum in 44 BC, but he was stabbed in  Largo di Torre Argentina, what is NOW better know as the cat Sanctuary   Largo di Torre Argentina, now the home to homeless cats       This is how my 3 hours with LivItaly Tours in Rome began and I knew it wouldContinue reading “Where did Caesar really die? LivItalytours when you want to see more of Rome”