In Italy, "let’s go to the bar" means………

a delightful meeting with friends or business associates.   And the beverage is coffee!   Coffee made a number of ways.  On Sunday Yle took us to her favorite bar to show us how to have un cafe, Italiano!Many times while traveling in Italy I would stop in a friendly looking bar that was notContinue reading “In Italy, "let’s go to the bar" means………”

Travel Convention to Promote Puglia..

Each week we have been viewing Sunday in Italy with Yle, in Lecce, Italy.   This week Yle is returning from a large travel convention in Milan.   Even after a busy week out of town, Yle found time to tell us how she spent Sunday! Let’s step into the local shops in Lecce, Yle’s favorite placesContinue reading “Travel Convention to Promote Puglia..”

Sunday with Yle in Lecce, Puglia: the Chocolate Festival!

This Sunday we find Yle at the chocolate festival in Lecce!   Almost everyone loves chocolate and now you can experience the trill through Yle’s description.You can almost smell and taste the wonderful treasures she finds at the festival…. Our guide, Yle What would life look like without chocolate? By Ylenia Sambati  This will be a veryContinue reading “Sunday with Yle in Lecce, Puglia: the Chocolate Festival!”

A new series on life in Puglia, Italy

Buono Cibo, amici e Famiglia, in Puglia with Yle Good food, Friends and family in Puglia Italy wit Yle, a personal travel consultant who can make YOUR dream trip to Italy a reality…..  Sunday at mama Anna’s house. Yle’s sister (right) Each Sunday we will try to share an Italian experience with Yle, visiting family, eating SundayContinue reading “A new series on life in Puglia, Italy”

Pizza school in Napoli?

Can anyone tell me how to find the Pizza School in Napoli? While  in Sorrento, italy I visited Napoli for the San Genero Festival and street procession (I am Italian American but may have been the only non local there) I saw signs for a  Pizza School taking the phone number was a waste of timeContinue reading “Pizza school in Napoli?”

Alberobello, Italy A world Heritage Site

Come visit for the fantasy, stay and enjoy the endless kindness of the people of Alberobello. Yes I visited Alberobello to see the Trullia house I had heard so much about.  They are listed on the World Heritage list and although it is a life ambition to visit most of this list, I know itContinue reading “Alberobello, Italy A world Heritage Site”

Pasta Lesson in Puglia with Nonna

What do you do when you no longer have a grandmother who can teach you all the great secrets of great Italian food? What a wonderful day in Lecce, Italy.   This 85 year old Italian grandmother shared her years of experience making fresh pasta with an Italian American who speaks very little Italian.      But thatContinue reading “Pasta Lesson in Puglia with Nonna”

Are you "invisible" when you travel? Or do you make a "statement"

Have you seen the shows where someone is selected off the street for a  “make over” ?How bad do you have to look to be selected from a crowd in a city of millions? My 2012 adventure home to Italy this November had a stop in Great Britain.  The Queen Mary took me from NYCContinue reading “Are you "invisible" when you travel? Or do you make a "statement"”

My adventure in Puglia, Italy

After many trips to Italy I decided to explore some of the “secret” areas of Italy that I know nothing about. Sicily and the area north of Venice have been on my list for a long time but then I met Yle. I believe I “stumbled” on Ylena on Face Book, or she found me at Continue reading “My adventure in Puglia, Italy”

No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy

Do you drag too much luggage with you on vacation or trips?   After you purchase all those wonderful treasures, do you find there is no space in your bag to bring them home?    And the fees to fly with an additonal bag can be very costly.  I was recently told if my bag was over the weightContinue reading “No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy”