this years adventure to Italy, solo

I try to return Home To Italy every year.    With our employment situation in the USA today it has become more difficult each year.   But my sister reminds me “I could be dead next year” so I find a way to continue my  yearly adventure in Italy. This year I found a 1/2 price saleContinue reading “this years adventure to Italy, solo”

Help to find your family roots in Italy

Home To Italy:  Now there is help to find your family village or town. During the past two years on my trips home to Italy, I tried to find and visit the village where my grandfather and great grandparents were born.  During the three months I lived in Sorrento I did not feel comfortable with the bus system toContinue reading “Help to find your family roots in Italy”

How much to use the bathroom?

While on my adventure to Italy this past year I visited Burano. This is an island outside of Venice that is an easy ferry ride from the city. However, when there are an extra 100 tourist at the stop in Murrano who want to also visit, the ferry is PACKED and everyone is hanging onContinue reading “How much to use the bathroom?”

Italian Nonna Wanted to Rent!

I need a Grandmother in Italy!  As an Italian American I had a glimpse of daily Italian life in an American contex. Visiting my grandmother during summers, the cousins would learn to paly cannasta. One day Nonna showed us how to make one type of pasta. .    But since I have lived in Italy twiceContinue reading “Italian Nonna Wanted to Rent!”

Villa Rental in Umbria

Many, many people have read or heard about Under the Tuscan Sun. by Frances Mayes. Have you dreamed of staying in a villa in Italy,  enjoying a meal outside overlooking the rolling green hills?  Living the life of an Italian where you enjoy your food, enjoy conversations with your neighbors and the intoxicating smell ofContinue reading “Villa Rental in Umbria”

Now that I no longer take vacations, I have adventures!

going home to Italy every year is something I look forward to every year.I always visit Florence, the city that convinced me to return for a semester abroad while at Syracuse University.   As all college students I had gone through the shock of moving away to a town where I knew almost no one, butContinue reading “Now that I no longer take vacations, I have adventures!”

Tell Rick Steves you need more than 3 pairs of underwear on a trip!

I love Rick Steves and take his books with me when I travel to Italy.   But I have to tell Rick that you NEED more than 3 pairs of underwear on a trip longer than a week!    I packed carefully for my most recent trip Home To Italy this October.   Everything coordinated and everything couldContinue reading “Tell Rick Steves you need more than 3 pairs of underwear on a trip!”