Roman Food: One Bite at a Time

I was introduced to The Roman Guy prior to my spring trip Home to Italy.   This Roman based company offers group or private travel experiences in major Italian cities as well as day trips.  For the week I was in Rome tour choices included early morning Vatican visits, art tours, gallery tours, walking and bike tours and manyContinue reading “Roman Food: One Bite at a Time”

Sorrento ItalyIf you will be traveling in Italy this fall, think about a short break to learn Italian in a magical city by the sea!Contact Olga Stinga for details     Special Offer: learn Italian in Sorrento!     Cari Amici, if you attend an Italian course in September, October, November or December 2017, weContinue reading

Olga  Stinga and her special recipes… When you are a traveler in Italy you often make friends you stay in touch with for long after your trip ends.  I had the fortune of meeting Olga Stinga when I attended Italian language classes at Sant’  Anna Institute during a 3 month sabbatical in Sorrento, Italy.   OlgaContinue reading

See Italy: advice from locals

An inside look into travel in Italy but    NOT a travel book                                                                                          My Secret Italy A Girl’s Guide to Intimate Italy, by Isabella Campagnol, Beatrice Campagnol and Elizabeth Rainer Photographs by Lorenzo Di Renzo  This collaboration by native Italians offers a fresh approach to experiencing Italian culture, a cities and people.   The authorsContinue reading “See Italy: advice from locals”

Learn Italian in Sorrento Italy

Travel to Sorrento and experience living as a local while you learn Italian! Sant’Anna Institute After years of experiencing Italy as a tourist I moved to Sorrento and attending the language program at Sant’Anna Institute.    This experience was unique and even after 8 years I still am in contact with the wonderful instructors, professors andContinue reading “Learn Italian in Sorrento Italy”

Agnone, another hidden treasure in Italia

            Almost every week I stumble on a comment, post or reference to another ‘treasure’ in Italy.   It may be a stunning work of art, museum or landscape but I also discover people with a dedication to their village, crafts or ancient skills.     Photo credit: Agnone isContinue reading “Agnone, another hidden treasure in Italia”

Look Up! or you will miss the most unusual things

If you look around you and always look UP,  there are amazing things to see Street artist that caught my attentionI often wonder who they are without makeup? Every day at lunch the line snakes down the street for hot sandwiches. Two years ago this midget (only 2 patrons at a time) shop opened justContinue reading “Look Up! or you will miss the most unusual things”

Finding Photo Treasures

Seaside fog offers interesting images. Too often I return from a trip with photos that have not been sorted or edited. Preparing for a camera class today, I found a memory card with some of my favorite places. Feb 2017:  adding a few more from an afternoon in Padova                                  arriving during lunch leaves theContinue reading “Finding Photo Treasures”

Naples: the last ‘glove’ family

I may have visited the ‘last’ family run glove manufacturer in Naples previously posted on Home to Italy Every glove is hand made On an adventure with Discover Napoli Destinations (DND) I asked to see parts of Naples I would not find on my own and perhaps meet some of the locals.  Tina with Discover Napoli DestinationsContinue reading “Naples: the last ‘glove’ family”

Christmas Recipes From Sorrento Italy

Olga Stinga sends Italian Christmas Recipes from Sorrento Italy Christmas Recipes From Sorrento Italy:Discovering Sorrento Christmas Tradtions and Learn Italian At Sant’Anna Institute with Olga StingaIn Sorrento, cooking is a family matter.  In the past, recipes were verbally transmitted from mothers to daughters.In my family, cooking is a way of life, it is a wayContinue reading “Christmas Recipes From Sorrento Italy”