Italy: How to deliver furniture

Have you stayed or visited an apartment in Italy that dates back hundreds of years? You will not find elevators in most of these charming old building.  Have you wondered how the wonderful side board or chest in the period rooms? Walking down a sidestreet I noticed a large truck that was blocking the narrowContinue reading “Italy: How to deliver furniture”

Vegetarian Italian: Cook in Puglia

 Oggi Cucino Vegetariano                       The past three years Ylenia Sambati has been a great collaborator with Home to Italy, sharing the unique and the beautiful Italian life in the Salento.  Home to Italy is proud to launch her new online Italian Vegetarian cookbook later in 2016   ©yleniasambati2015   Yle is the CEOContinue reading “Vegetarian Italian: Cook in Puglia”

Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: Ceci alla Menta

Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: CECI ALLA MENTA CECI ALLA MENTA Un’insalata di ceci rinfrescante condita con una salsina fresca, ideale per assicurare l’apporto nutritivo di questo legume. Ceci in scatola (200 gr) Olio extra vergine d’oliva (3 cucchiai) Cipolla Rossa (1) Succo di limone (mezzo) Menta fresca (1 mazzetto) Sale e pepe Erba cipollina Paprika SesamoContinue reading “Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: Ceci alla Menta”

See Calabria with My Bella Vita

Thinking of experiencing a part of Southern Italy?  Consider a visit to Calabria   My Bella Vita offers vacation packages to share the beauty of Calabria. Contact Cherrye Mooreto reserve your place on a 2016 adventure   Come Visit Us! Travel to Southern Italy in 2016   It’s a new year, which brings along new resolutions and newContinue reading “See Calabria with My Bella Vita”

Project Rome: follow the VW beetle

Project Rome:  Tiburtina Tuesday How a Beetle Bug, a British expat and her team of volunteers make a difference in Rome through Project Rome. Love-Bug Beetle announces the volunteer’s arrival  As often happens, an on-line comment lead me to a website or article where I discover something new about Italy.   Finding a reference to Project Rome ledContinue reading “Project Rome: follow the VW beetle”

Announcing a Vegetarian/Vegan Tour in Puglia, Italy

Are you a vegetarian or vegan and dream of a visit to Italy? Enjoy a special new adventure with Puglia travel expert, Yle Sambati and A visit to her cooking school is an experience that is special and two new adventures are being offered this fall:                                           September 1 to 8                                      *  7 nights at aContinue reading “Announcing a Vegetarian/Vegan Tour in Puglia, Italy”

2016 Italy Colours Calendar by Margaret Cowan

It is not too late to enjoy wonderful  photos of Italy with a 2016 Italy Colours Calendar by Margaret Cowan You may have visited Italy before, are planning  your next trip or enjoy arm chair travel,  the  photos Margaret features in the calendar may  transport you.      2016 Italy Colours Calendar By Margaret Cowan Calendar JanuaryContinue reading “2016 Italy Colours Calendar by Margaret Cowan”

Experience Italy with Locals in Puglia

COOKING LESSONS AND WINE EXPERIENCES IN PUGLIA Ylenia Sambati is the owner/operator at COOKINPUGLIA, PUGLIA WINESCHOOL and YLTOUR PR. With an extensive experience of over 15 years in the tourism and culinary fields, she designs some exclusive cooking and wine experiences and programs in Puglia that showcase the most authentic lifestyle of this incredible area.Continue reading “Experience Italy with Locals in Puglia”

Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: pitteddhe, a great desert!

                 Pitteddhe:   dolce della cucina povera THIS IS A GREAT RECIPE FOR OUR VEGAN FRIENDS TOO! Ingredienti: 250 g di farina di frumento integrale60 g di zucchero di canna50 g di olio extra vergine di oliva1 arancia (o scorza di limone) e il succo di 1 arancia75 g di vino biancoMarmalade (arancio, fichi, albicocche, limone)Continue reading “Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: pitteddhe, a great desert!”

Are you a Vega or Vegetarian and LOVE Italy? This is for you!

Ylenia Sambati Veg Puglia Tours for Vegans and Vegetarians Ylenia Sambati promotes healthy lifestyle habits through food, outdoor activities, meditation and dance, cycling, travel. She’s been a vegetarian since she was a little girl and once her parents realized that unlike her brother and sisters she could not eat meat or fish for the onlyContinue reading “Are you a Vega or Vegetarian and LOVE Italy? This is for you!”