Food in Italy a Good 4 letter word! Have you tried any of these?

A recent post on FB from Venere listed a number of restaurants and pubs in the Campania area of Italy
(south of Naples and all the way to Salerno+).   I was interested in this because I had lived in Sorrento Solo for 3 months while assessing if I could really live in Italy as an Italian.   Since I am Italian American I thought it would be no problema!  While there I was on a very tight budget since I still had to maintain a home in the USA and had NO income.  Sounds like my life now with out the view of the sea, view of the bella people and great food.     So I did not have the opportunity to eat in the wonderful places listed in their report.   Please see below.

However, to compare their opinion with that of my travel angel, Andrea, I asked him to rate the list.
Why is Andrea a travel angel?  see at the bottom of this post..*******

Venere’s post from Face Book:

Venere Travel Blog > Restaurants & Food > Best Restaurants and Pubs in Campania

Best Restaurants and Pubs in Campania

Anita Choudhary Thursday, May 6th, 2010

One of Southern Italy’s most beautiful regions is Campania. It is the most densely populated area in Italy as well as being the second most populated region of the country. Throughout the region’s colorful history, it has been at the center of Western Civilization since the beginning. The capital city of Campania, as well as a very popular tourist destination is Naples but the entire region is rich in architecture, culture, and of course, Italian cuisine.

Throughout the region, there is definitely no lack of great pubs and restaurants to explore and enjoy while visiting Campania. Whether it is the allure of active nightlife over a few rounds of beer or wine, or if you want a romantic dinner for two to cap off your evening out, Campania has something for every taste. The following is a list of our choices for the best pubs and restaurants to enjoy while you are visiting this region of Southern Italy.
Bar del Carmine Di Collela E Fattorusso
Located right in the center of the city of Sorrento, this is one of the more popular pubs in the Amalfi Coast and the entire region. Many visitors rave about the relaxing atmosphere and that it is the best place to kick back and just watch the world fly by.

Bar Birecto
Considered to be the best traditional café and pub in the town of Atrani, it is one of the most popular meeting places in the town and is always a hub of activity.

Tramp’s Pub
Rated as the best combination pub and restaurant in the city of Salerno, Tramp’s is always a busy place. You’ll want to consider making reservations well ahead of when you want to eat or endure a lengthy wait if you show up during peak dining hours.

Jolly Blu

Another great combination pub and restaurant located in the city of Sant’Agnello it is definitely one of the city’s most popular dining and drinking destinations as well as a must-see stop on your itinerary.

Da Giovanni’s
A multi-use type of restaurant located in Avellino, Da Giovanni’s has something for every one including families with children or having a business meeting. Additionally, the facility features outdoor seating to enhance your meal or you can take advantage of their take-out buffet. Italian cuisine is the primary aspect of the menu, but you can also enjoy American, fish and chips, Mediterranean, and Mexican.


Another great restaurant for families with children located in the city of Salerno and features a wide array of cuisines including American barbeque and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant operates on a buffet format and provides the diner with outdoor seating to make your dining experience that much more enjoyable.

Photo of Atrani, in the Amalfi Coast, by Allerina & Glen MacLarty.

Andrea, who works in travel had the following opinions.

restaurants, here are my TOP choices  as per Andrea:  

In Amalfi, try La Caravella and Da Gemma.

In Conca dei Marini, Ciccio cielo mare e terra.

In Positano: Le tre sorelle, in front of the beach, and La Tagliata located in the highest part of the village.

In Praiano La Brace

In Salerno Tramp’s Pub

The most famous (and VERY expensive) restaurant in the area is probably Don

Alfonso, in Sant’Agata (between Positano and Sorrento).      Did he say “Don”?


yes Birecto in Atrani, and del Carmine in Sorrento are indeed nice.

in Salerno, in via roma, you will find about 50 pubs next each to other. Salerno, during the week end, is famous for its movida (night life along its many pubs)

I promised you an explaination about Andrea.   The additonal information on Salerno is on part 2,
see you there

ice cream the next food group!

once again, Dream Of Italy, (subscribe to their news letter) has captured a part of Vita Italia that we do not have here.  read and dream.   This is something any Solo Traveler can do!   Go now, Go Home To Itlay!!!

Dream of Italy Travel Newsletter: A Reason to Fly to Italy: The Florence Gelato FestivalDream of Italy Travel Newsletter’s Notes.

A Reason to Fly to Italy: The Florence Gelato FestivalShare. Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 8:55am

Florence, what some consider the mecca for gelato lovers, will host the Florence Gelato Festival from May 28th through the 31st. Gelato (to call it ice cream is to not do it justice) is practically a staple food in Italy and especially in Florence. The festival expected to draw 300,000 visitors to the city for the weekend event.

Piazzas and squares all over the city will turn into outdoor gelato markets where the public can line up to sample the rich, creamy ice cream served in biodegradable, earth-friendly cups. The Gelato Festival will also incorporate gelato-making demonstrations and games for children.

Visitors can also attend meetings and seminars in Piazza Santissima Annunziata to learn about the history and consumption of gelato in Florence, starting with the man who invented gelato – Bernardo Buontalenti, a 16th-century Florentine architect, painter, and food enthusiast – and continuing to present-day gelato artisans. These workshops will also educate participants about the range of techniques used in the production of gelato.
The festival aims not only to provide visitors with delicious ice cream, but also to educate foreigners about the quality and importance of gelato as an indispensable Italian product. Besides its large contribution to the Italian and global economy – gelato has increased in sales and production during the current recession – the unique ice cream is also recommended by some Italian doctors for the reported “happy effects” it produces in consumers. — Elaine Murphy

What was that cheese? Food In Italy is all Important.

An article I found on Sorrento Info.  A great group of travel professonals in Sorrentol.
The generously allowed me to use their office a few days while living in Sorrento.  Kind and generous and a great source of accomdations and other info.  Be sure to see their web cam in the center of Sorrento.  You will feel like you are living there!

The Provolone del Monaco cheese

Besides being a beautiful natural and historic place, the Sorrentine Peninsula is famous for its gastronomy and delicious typical products. Among these products there is one of the most tasty and appreciated cheese all over the world: the Provolone del Monaco. It is produced on the Lattari Mountains, an area with a wholesome air, pasture lands and plenty of water.

In ancient times the product was brought to Naples to be sold because it was too expensive for the rural inhabitants. During the sea journey from the beach of Seiano to the port of Naples, shepherds used to wear a long mantle to shelter themselves from the cold so that they seemed real monks. That’s why the cheese is called ‘Provolone del Monaco’ (Monk’s Cheese).

Technically speaking, the Provolone del Monaco is the result of a raw milk processing. The milk comes from Agerolese cows and is rich in organoleptic properties. The cheese has a characteristic ‘pear’ shape, but it can also have a cylindrical one. After it has reached the desired shape, the pickle, drying and maturing phases follow. They are made in cellars for a period of time that goes from 4 to 18 months.

I have been “home to Italy” every year for the past 5 solo. and 2 years ago i took a sabatical in Sorrento for 3 months. Since i am older most people dont notice me but i had no problem traveling throughout the country and visiting most of the sites i wanted to see.

suggestions: some of my best hotel accomodations have been booked with throughout italy there are many convents/monestaries that no longer are used as school or hve enough memebers. They rent CLEAN room, are safe and in the case of the one i stayed in in Spoletto had some of the best food of my entire trip.
The sisters and staff usually think it is interesting that you are off on your own and are curious. In most of the locations i meet travelers from other countries as well as Italy. If you want more of a service/social setting the properties with Venere have been great. i travel by train so i prefer to be within walking distance of the train stations. I have not tried hotels but i understand they are getting better all the time.

suggestion: the VERY BEST trip i had was the one where i took a week of language lessions (in sorrento) i met women from 5 other countries,I was the only American in the school and started to feel like an Italian instead of a tourist.

buono viaggio

Travel Solo

Why do Americans travel as if they were on the ark?
Does anyone except the most fearless, go off on their own and expericence the world, life?

This begins a series of stories about two adventures:

solo trip across the Atlantic for 21 days with 2,500 “new friends”

and a life adventure (no longer do I travel on vacations) in 2008 when I traveled to Sorrento, Italy to rent an apartment in town and live as an Italian!

Solo travel, not single travel is freeing! There is nothing like the experience of knowing you can do what ever you want. No worry that your companion does not care to walk to the top of the tower, eat whenever you wish, sit and read all afternoon in the piazza if you find the urge, I can go on and on.

When i returned I found my life, attitude and future had changed. I no longer had worry line, lost sleep in fear of my next appointment, and most of all I discovered I was happy!

You may think this is odd but working 24/7 for the past 20 years I never took time to just be.
Time to think, reflect, expand ideas. It is amazing what the mind can create when it is given space.

What I discovered about solo travel will be posted soon.

Ciao bella!