Italy: Small Towns, Amazing finds Orvieto

Orvieto, Italy Photo from Wikipedia web site The Cathedral of Orvieto is a large 14th-century Roman Catholic cathedral situated in the town of Orvieto in Umbria, central Italy (Wikapedia) Located between Florence and Rome on a train route qualified Orvietto as a town I would be able to visit.    Riding either the small orange bus or taking the funicular from the train station, youContinue reading “Italy: Small Towns, Amazing finds Orvieto”

Olive Oil the Italian Way

Olive Oil the basis for all Italian food In Puglia I learned how to taste olive oil, how to cook a Mediterranean diet for health and long life The Taurino Olive Farm, located in Squinzano, has been a family operation since 1942 and is now managed by  Donato and Rosaria Taurino.   Their state ofContinue reading “Olive Oil the Italian Way”

Italy: my 1,000 year old OLIVE TREE is getting cut!

HOW TO TRIM A 1,000 YEAR OLD OLIVE TREEA few months ago I adopted a 1,000 year old olive tree on the Taurino’s olive farm in Puglia Italy, in memory of a first generation Italian, my father. I will be visiting ‘my tree’ for the first time later this year but . Dr Valentino ValzanoContinue reading “Italy: my 1,000 year old OLIVE TREE is getting cut!”

1,000 year old olive tree at Taurino’s farm

 Taurino’s olive tree farm in Puglia, Italy  selected a 1,000 + year old tree for their first ‘adopt an         Olive Tree program  and I am the ‘parent’!     What was life like on the olive farm when my tree was planted 1,000 years ago?     Probably my tree started life as a graft.    Within 6 years this treeContinue reading “1,000 year old olive tree at Taurino’s farm”