See Calabria with My Bella Vita

Thinking of experiencing a part of Southern Italy?  Consider a visit to Calabria   My Bella Vita offers vacation packages to share the beauty of Calabria. Contact Cherrye Mooreto reserve your place on a 2016 adventure   Come Visit Us! Travel to Southern Italy in 2016   It’s a new year, which brings along new resolutions and newContinue reading “See Calabria with My Bella Vita”

Southern Italians: a contact you should know

       Another great contact in Italy is Cherrye Moore at My Bella Vita    I ‘met’ Cherrye on line while researching expats in Italy.       She is a contact I have wanted to share with you for months and Cherrye’s current post gives me the perfect opportunity.          Cherrye has a wonderful story on her lifeContinue reading “Southern Italians: a contact you should know”