Easter Processions in Italy

Easter in Como, Italy Lake Como Easter Processions           I wrote earlier this week about the processions in Sorrento, Italy.    Today I had a lovely surprise from Elene,  a travel ‘friend’ I met in Como during the winter.  http://bit.ly/10kdogU  She and her friend Victoria have been kind to send my updates on ‘Italian life in Como’ as IContinue reading “Easter Processions in Italy”

Easter! Pasqua in Italia, how to celebrate as an Italian

Pasqua: among colomba*, almond paste lambs  and chocolate eggs! The holy week in Puglia, just like in the rest of Italy is a very busy one in every kitchen. Lots of sweet stuffs to prepare, mainly based on almond paste, breads (with a row of eggs on top), cookies and chocolate eggs of any sizeContinue reading “Easter! Pasqua in Italia, how to celebrate as an Italian”