Photos from Florence, Italy during the shutdown

  What is happening in Italy today? Italians have been under stay at home orders for weeks leaving the streets empty, stores closed and tourists returning home to wait out the pandemic. As a few of the strict rules are being changed or lifted, Italian cities are seeing a few signs of life.       Continue reading “Photos from Florence, Italy during the shutdown”

Art in the Cemetery of the Holy Gate in Florence, Italy

With a zoom lens you can view the Duomo in Florence Cemetery of the Holy GateLocated next to the church San Miniato al Monte. Italy is packed with art and the city of Florence, Italy is no exception.    Major museums display and protect some of the most famous paintings, tapestries and sculpture.   SculpturesContinue reading “Art in the Cemetery of the Holy Gate in Florence, Italy”

Florence: the children’s home Ospedale degli Innocenti

More of the renovation has been completed 5/1/2017  Florence, Italy Ospedale degli Innocenti: the hospital of the innocents Walking through the Piazza Santissima Annunziata as an exchange student many years ago, the imposing building on the east side of the piazza was never open, but it has proudly kept its long history of service to children.   For the past year+ scaffoldingContinue reading “Florence: the children’s home Ospedale degli Innocenti”

Central Florence Hotel della Signoria

A surprise, finding a charming hotel in Florence Hotel della Signoria When traveling in Italy for two or three months I often change hotels within one city.  Critics tell me this is a stupid idea.  It can take time to change hotels but it is possible to cut hotel costs by up to 30% byContinue reading “Central Florence Hotel della Signoria”

Florence Sweet Smells. AquaFlor my new find

Photo from Santa Maria Novella web site One of the best known perfumery in Florence, Italy, Santa Maria Novella pharmacy, is a popular stop for visitors to Florence.   Not far away, near the river Famacia Munsterman is anotherhistoric pharmacy.  The Antica Mustermann offers hair and body care products and a wide assortment of custom scents. Just entering theContinue reading “Florence Sweet Smells. AquaFlor my new find”

Florence: a visit to the Duomo ‘repair shop for marble’

A new adventure in Florence after many visits Ciao Firenze office is close to the Duomo on Via Cavouar Slow travel in Italy during the off season  allows you to walk the side streets, exploring small shops, churches and even museums with fewer visitors. Even the coffee bar is full of locals not tourists when youContinue reading “Florence: a visit to the Duomo ‘repair shop for marble’”

Florence: Hotel Number 9 Be treated as Family

On my extended trips of more than 8 weeks I try to find hotel comfort every few weeks to offset apartment living or the convent hotels I frequent in Italy.   Both of these choices are great but staying at Hotel Number 9 in Florence was a fabulous adventure…………. A quiet entrance on a street close toContinue reading “Florence: Hotel Number 9 Be treated as Family”

Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos

On my way to Germany for a press trip I spent Easter in Italy………..the food, the people and the ceremony  were a great reintroduction into European life.Four cities in a week is not for the average traveler but far better than just ‘arriving’ at my first assignment. Later this month you can follow my 7Continue reading “Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos”

Florence Italy: Where to eat solo

Florence Mercato Centrale could be the BEST food court ever! The San Lorenzo Market may be best know for the lively local market on the first floor:  meats, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables as well as my favorite Panetteria (delicatessen) Clara’s  where you can ask for a custom sandwich or the makings of a picnic.  bootContinue reading “Florence Italy: Where to eat solo”