Florence Italy: La Missericordia di Firenze

*  Just read that the museum has been renovated!http://www.theflorentine.net/articles/article-view.asp?issuetocId=10585 The Misericordia has an ancient history in Florence although Thousands of tourist pass this building but have  no idea what is behind the ornate door across from the Duomo. I visited the museum of the Misericordia on the only day there is an English tour:  Monday.  However, don’t expect aContinue reading “Florence Italy: La Missericordia di Firenze”

Florence Co Op serves lunch, sells handcrafts

Maestri di Fabbrica Borgo degli Albizi 68R    50122 Florence, Italy                                                         Phone number +39 055 242321       website maestridifabbrica.eu                                I found this unusual store on a street behind the Duomo (cathedral) while doing my usual traveler activity of walking all the streets in a town or as many as possible inContinue reading “Florence Co Op serves lunch, sells handcrafts”

Florence Italy:  Traveling this summer?Than you need to know the women of              Mail Boxes Etc in Florence! *     Traveling with heavy suitcases?  Have you found great items to bring home?   And the wine and olive oil discoveries……………………. Let the wonderful woman at  Mail Boxes Etc. – MBE 212  in  Florence on ‎Via della Scala, 13     store yourContinue reading

Florence, Italy: Do NOT miss the Gnomon in June or you will wait another year

Florence, Italy     I have been traveling to Firenze (Florence) for years since I attended a semester abroad many years ago.                  But I have never heard of The Gnomon until my expat friend Sheila(an accomplished photographer and long time real estate professional) sent me an email today. If you are in Florence try to experience theContinue reading “Florence, Italy: Do NOT miss the Gnomon in June or you will wait another year”

No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy

Do you drag too much luggage with you on vacation or trips?   After you purchase all those wonderful treasures, do you find there is no space in your bag to bring them home?    And the fees to fly with an additonal bag can be very costly.  I was recently told if my bag was over the weightContinue reading “No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy”

this years adventure to Italy, solo

I try to return Home To Italy every year.    With our employment situation in the USA today it has become more difficult each year.   But my sister reminds me “I could be dead next year” so I find a way to continue my  yearly adventure in Italy. This year I found a 1/2 price saleContinue reading “this years adventure to Italy, solo”