Help to find your family roots in Italy

Home To Italy:  Now there is help to find your family village or town. During the past two years on my trips home to Italy, I tried to find and visit the village where my grandfather and great grandparents were born.  During the three months I lived in Sorrento I did not feel comfortable with the bus system toContinue reading “Help to find your family roots in Italy”

How much to use the bathroom?

While on my adventure to Italy this past year I visited Burano. This is an island outside of Venice that is an easy ferry ride from the city. However, when there are an extra 100 tourist at the stop in Murrano who want to also visit, the ferry is PACKED and everyone is hanging onContinue reading “How much to use the bathroom?”

Even nuns have a bad day sometimes…..

I am traveling in Italy for 30 days and this is not a glamor trip. While doing several other projects, see other posts, I am trying to see if I can do Italy on 100 a day. NO not 100 dollars, 100 euors and it is difficult. So I am staying in convent hotels inContinue reading “Even nuns have a bad day sometimes…..”

Solo Travel To Rome: where to eat solo????

As I prepare for my 8th solo Trip Home to Italy I asked a colleague where would she recommend to eat, solo, in RomeI think I shall try at least one of them next week when I am home in Italia!!! Here are some restaurants for a solo dinner: 1 – “Le Finestre” in via Chiana 80,Continue reading “Solo Travel To Rome: where to eat solo????”

Flash Backs of Italy! Or just dreams of a life in the Tuscan Hills?

Have you visited Italy or have you dreamed of a trip to the wonderful areas of Italy? Take a moment to meat a colleague of mine I met while promoting Italian real estate here in the USA. Ms Ford and I stayed in touch over the past 6 years and visit every trip I returnContinue reading “Flash Backs of Italy! Or just dreams of a life in the Tuscan Hills?”

ice cream the next food group!

once again, Dream Of Italy, (subscribe to their news letter) has captured a part of Vita Italia that we do not have here.  read and dream.   This is something any Solo Traveler can do!   Go now, Go Home To Itlay!!! Dream of Italy Travel Newsletter: A Reason to Fly to Italy: The Florence Gelato FestivalDreamContinue reading “ice cream the next food group!”