One foot in Italy One foot in America: I am an Italian American

  As an Italian American do you feel that you have one foot in America and one in Italia? The Italian American dilemma… Street Parking! When I tell people in Italy I am Italian American,  they seem  ‘surprised’ and not sure what that means.    I wonder if Italians really think Italian Americans are true  Italian?   Certainly not the same as aContinue reading “One foot in Italy One foot in America: I am an Italian American”

Sunday with Yle in Lecce, Puglia: the Chocolate Festival!

This Sunday we find Yle at the chocolate festival in Lecce!   Almost everyone loves chocolate and now you can experience the trill through Yle’s description.You can almost smell and taste the wonderful treasures she finds at the festival…. Our guide, Yle What would life look like without chocolate? By Ylenia Sambati  This will be a veryContinue reading “Sunday with Yle in Lecce, Puglia: the Chocolate Festival!”

Italian Nonna Wanted to Rent!

I need a Grandmother in Italy!  As an Italian American I had a glimpse of daily Italian life in an American contex. Visiting my grandmother during summers, the cousins would learn to paly cannasta. One day Nonna showed us how to make one type of pasta. .    But since I have lived in Italy twiceContinue reading “Italian Nonna Wanted to Rent!”

Artist in Sorrento

 While traveling to visit my family’s village in Petina Italy this October, I stopped in Sorrento .   After spending 3 months there on a sabbatical 2 years ago it was difficult to return. This is a small city with a truly small town heart. I walked all the streets I remembered, noting the stores orContinue reading “Artist in Sorrento”

The bus in Italy hates me…..

NEVER take the bus!! i have written about riding the bus to Fiuggi with 25 teenagersI have taken the bus to Fiesole but that was the end of the route and i could not get lost, but i have been left in a small town during the FOUR hour lunch hour because the bus didContinue reading “The bus in Italy hates me…..”