Finding and Visiting Our Family Village

I have threatened my family that I was going to find and visit Petina for the past 3 years. Other relatives have visited by car, but I had hoped to take the train and taxi to this small town.Little did I know that there IS NOT TRAIN OR TAXI. You can take the bus fromContinue reading “Finding and Visiting Our Family Village”

Home to Italy 2010 Is NOTHING like a trip on $50 a day…..

Today a solo  trip home to Italy requires more planning and a lot more HELP. I have signed up for a global “watch” to give me assistance if i run into trouble.   Nice but I can’t even use the Italian phone system without help!   One year,before cell phones, until I met a veryContinue reading “Home to Italy 2010 Is NOTHING like a trip on $50 a day…..”