You are not eating Italian food in America!

I have been told twice in just the last month that Italian American food is not real Italian food.  !  So I decided to find out why and asked my best sources in Italy.   Monica Cesarato in Venice and Ylenia Sambati in Lecce, my Italian sources, are proficient  cooks who offer cooking classes in Venice and  Lecce.  WhereContinue reading “You are not eating Italian food in America!”

Life in Italy vs America Part 2

Cooking fresh foods purchased daily is a way of life for Italians.     This ‘life style’ is what I enjoy when ‘living’ in Italy for my 6 or 8 weeks each year.   When I am fortunate to have an apartment for part of each trip, I visit the local markets and try toContinue reading “Life in Italy vs America Part 2”

One foot in Italy One foot in America: I am an Italian American

  As an Italian American do you feel that you have one foot in America and one in Italia? The Italian American dilemma… Street Parking! When I tell people in Italy I am Italian American,  they seem  ‘surprised’ and not sure what that means.    I wonder if Italians really think Italian Americans are true  Italian?   Certainly not the same as aContinue reading “One foot in Italy One foot in America: I am an Italian American”

I meet Italians everywhere I go, in the USA

Finding a new Gelato store in Cape May lead me to finding Italian expats! Monica works with her brother in Cione’s I have been driving to NJ from Atlanta every 6 weeks exploring some of the towns along the way I never bothered with, when the only motive was “are we there yet”. But inContinue reading “I meet Italians everywhere I go, in the USA”