Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: Ceci alla Menta

Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: CECI ALLA MENTA CECI ALLA MENTA Un’insalata di ceci rinfrescante condita con una salsina fresca, ideale per assicurare l’apporto nutritivo di questo legume. Ceci in scatola (200 gr) Olio extra vergine d’oliva (3 cucchiai) Cipolla Rossa (1) Succo di limone (mezzo) Menta fresca (1 mazzetto) Sale e pepe Erba cipollina Paprika SesamoContinue reading “Oggi Cucino Vegetariano: Ceci alla Menta”

Italian Cooking, Italian Food

Home To Italy: Italian Vegetarian Cooking from Cook in Puglia Aug 06, 2015 Italian Vegetarian Cooking from Cook in Puglia. Our contributor Ylenia Sambati the CEO of Yltour.com shares another great vegetarian recipe. In Italian as well as English! Yle shall share vegetarian recipes from her Italian … http://hometoitaly.blogspot.com/ Home To Italy: Cooking and Wine School in Puglia Jul 08, 2015 Puglia,Continue reading “Italian Cooking, Italian Food”

Italian Organic Cooking in Puglia

Our friend Yle, the creator of Yltour.com has another great oportunity to experience Puglia, Italy from the inside:   cooking organic.        Think of walking to the market to select fresh produce, breads and fruits that will be transformed that day into a special organic meal. ORGANIC COOKING CLASSES IN PUGLIA WITH YLE Organic produce simply tastesContinue reading “Italian Organic Cooking in Puglia”

Italy, Food, Wine, Travel……what is not to like.

Room for only 12 but not the last supper….. You do not have to be an Italian American to dream of visiting Italy And you do not have to travel only as a tourist, visiting the BIG THREE, Rome- Venice- Florence.   Love to cook?  Love Italian food?  Then visit PULGIA, one of the secretsContinue reading “Italy, Food, Wine, Travel……what is not to like.”