Made in Italy, a guide to artisans throughout Italy

Made in Italy, by Laura Morelli     We all may be arm-chair travelers this year, but we can still travel throughout Italy in the pages of Made in Italy.    Part Italian history lesson, part insider travel guide this compact volume takes your inside the towns and villages of Italy where traditional handmade traditionsContinue reading “Made in Italy, a guide to artisans throughout Italy”

Italy: closed for months but locals became very innovative!

         Italians Became Creative during the shut down Italians have stoically followed the directives of their regional governments to stay at home since early March and finally have started to return to what will become the new normal.   Some worker were able to tele-commute from home while  non-essential businesses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums,Continue reading “Italy: closed for months but locals became very innovative!”

Padua to visit the Scrovegni Chapel

Part of the massive fresco “The Last Judgment” Most visitors race from Firenze to Venice without considering a stop at any of the wonderful cities that can easily be visited during this trip.  Travelers, unlike tourists, seek experiences that may not be on the top 10 list of a tourist guides.  Padua offers a numberContinue reading “Padua to visit the Scrovegni Chapel”

See Italy: advice from locals

An inside look into travel in Italy but    NOT a travel book                                                                                          My Secret Italy A Girl’s Guide to Intimate Italy, by Isabella Campagnol, Beatrice Campagnol and Elizabeth Rainer Photographs by Lorenzo Di Renzo  This collaboration by native Italians offers a fresh approach to experiencing Italian culture, a cities and people.   The authorsContinue reading “See Italy: advice from locals”

Italy: Closed for August

From the Archives August 15 is ‘marked on the calendar in red‘, I was informed by Olga Stinga  one of my great sources in Sorrento, for Italian insight.1 Ferragosto on August 15th, is Assumption Day, a national holiday.  A day when offices, factories, many stores and restaurants are closed it also is the beginning of the exodus from the cities andContinue reading “Italy: Closed for August”

Visit Puglia, Italy: Language and Cultural Experience

Puglia, Italy offers so much…………. Ylenia Sambati has created another unique adventure for her guests who explore the wonderful Salento area in Puglia.   Why not combine exploring Italian culture while studying Italian on your next adventure.   Your days will be filled with special events selected by perhaps the best travel expert in the Salento! Join us on October 23Continue reading “Visit Puglia, Italy: Language and Cultural Experience”

Florence: Hotel Number 9 Be treated as Family

On my extended trips of more than 8 weeks I try to find hotel comfort every few weeks to offset apartment living or the convent hotels I frequent in Italy.   Both of these choices are great but staying at Hotel Number 9 in Florence was a fabulous adventure…………. A quiet entrance on a street close toContinue reading “Florence: Hotel Number 9 Be treated as Family”

Livorno Mercato still busy every day

The Central Mercato in Livorno was amazingly not damaged by WWII bombing.   This 18th-century, art nouveau-style building is an easy walk from the Piazza Cavour in the center of Livorno.       .  Turning the wrong way as I started my walk to the Central Market I found a local woman going for herContinue reading “Livorno Mercato still busy every day”

Is this Italy or New Jersey?

    After 6 weeks on the road I often forget where I am but today when I reached the beach in Viareggio, Italy  I thought it could be Sea Side, New Jersey except they have a concrete boardwalk! Many shops and restaurants line the street that boarders the sea in Viarreggio and hundreds ofContinue reading “Is this Italy or New Jersey?”

Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos

On my way to Germany for a press trip I spent Easter in Italy………..the food, the people and the ceremony  were a great reintroduction into European life.Four cities in a week is not for the average traveler but far better than just ‘arriving’ at my first assignment. Later this month you can follow my 7Continue reading “Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos”