Calabria Italia: contact My Bella Vita with Cherrye Moore……

Cherrye Moore is a writer and consultant in Catanzaro,CalabriaShe has been recognized by Dream of Italy as one of the Best of Southern Italy tour guides. She kindly allowed me to share her newsletter this month and suggestions for a  trip to find your  Italian ancestral village.     Have Cherrye help you with your next Italian vacation. ,   . Friend onContinue reading “Calabria Italia: contact My Bella Vita with Cherrye Moore……”

Naples Will Surprise You

The bay of Naples Travelers often avoid Naples when they plan their trips to Italy.    After spending the day with a member of the Discover Naples Destinations, Naples is on my list of cities to return to on my yearly trips Home To Italy.  Naples has surprises.   Have you seen Roman era Town of Baia? Continue reading “Naples Will Surprise You”

More Festivals in Puglia Italy: summer 2013

  FESTIVAL IN Puglia 2013  Thanks to SalentoTV web site Water in Head Festival 2013 .  IN WATER HEAD FESTIVAL29/30 Giugno, 2013 – Bari Ninth Edition of Water in the head Music Festival in Bari The program will have two high-profile headliner, Italians Boomdabash with the new album “Superheroes” and the British ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION presenting the album “The SignalContinue reading “More Festivals in Puglia Italy: summer 2013”

Italy: most Unesco sites

Unesco World Heritage Sites in Italy The Cilento  Italy is the country that can boast the most UNESCO recognitions in the world, counting 49 in total. In no other nation can one find such a high concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What is your favorite one?‪#‎ItaliaIT‬ ‪#‎Italy‬ ‪#‎UNESCO‬ <img alt="L'Italia è il Paese conContinue reading “Italy: most Unesco sites”

Itay Festivals in Puglia

Events in Puglia Thanks to Lesley, the owner of Villa Magnolia in Puglia, for this link to festivals in Puglia. Plan your holiday around an Italian even. Events in Puglia 26.07.2013 – 26.07.2013 A Ostuni Puglia sings Jason Mraz – July 26, 2013 Ostuni Concerts in Puglia 13.07.2013 – 31.08.2013 InContinue reading “Itay Festivals in Puglia”

Q: Quotidiani: my daily newspaper

  Quotidiana…… You thought I could not find an Italian word with a Q.  Well besides who, what, this and that, I could not… But a quick email call to my resident Italiana American authority, Sig Ferrara,  it was suggested I use Quotidiana….. Giornale is also used for newspaper……but I do like this new word, muchContinue reading “Q: Quotidiani: my daily newspaper”

Easter Processions in Italy

Easter in Como, Italy Lake Como Easter Processions           I wrote earlier this week about the processions in Sorrento, Italy.    Today I had a lovely surprise from Elene,  a travel ‘friend’ I met in Como during the winter.  She and her friend Victoria have been kind to send my updates on ‘Italian life in Como’ as IContinue reading “Easter Processions in Italy”

St Josephs Table: do you know this event?

St Joseph’s Table in Italy                            TAVOLE DI SAN GIUSEPPE Bella Nonna Vata I first heard about this tradition in Puglia, Italy.  Yle with   arranged for me to learn to make pasta with una nonna, (a grandmother) at her home one morning.While she was correcting my ‘lack of skill” on the 4th type we wereContinue reading “St Josephs Table: do you know this event?”