Learn Italian in Sorrento Italy

Travel to Sorrento and experience living as a local while you learn Italian! Sant’Anna Institute After years of experiencing Italy as a tourist I moved to Sorrento and attending the language program at Sant’Anna Institute.    This experience was unique and even after 8 years I still am in contact with the wonderful instructors, professors andContinue reading “Learn Italian in Sorrento Italy”

Agnone, another hidden treasure in Italia

            Almost every week I stumble on a comment, post or reference to another ‘treasure’ in Italy.   It may be a stunning work of art, museum or landscape but I also discover people with a dedication to their village, crafts or ancient skills.     Photo credit:  http://liveandlearnitalian.com/ Agnone isContinue reading “Agnone, another hidden treasure in Italia”

Visit Puglia, Italy: Language and Cultural Experience

Puglia, Italy offers so much…………. Ylenia Sambati has created another unique adventure for her guests who explore the wonderful Salento area in Puglia.   Why not combine exploring Italian culture while studying Italian on your next adventure.   Your days will be filled with special events selected by perhaps the best travel expert in the Salento! Join us on October 23Continue reading “Visit Puglia, Italy: Language and Cultural Experience”

Italy More Affordable with lower Euro: Time to Learn Italian in Sorrento

     Special Offer for all Home to Italy Readers!  A GLIMPSE OF THE SCHOOL  –  HOME  –  ABOUT US  –  WHERE WE ARE –  ITALIAN COURSES & TEST  –  PRICES & BROCHURE  –  50+ PROGRAM –  ART PROGRAM  –  REVIEWS & BLOG   –  CONTACT US   –  APPLICATION FORM  Special Offer for March 2015 Come and learn Italian in Italy at Sant’Anna  Special offers LEARN ITALIAN IN ITALY! Study Italian inContinue reading “Italy More Affordable with lower Euro: Time to Learn Italian in Sorrento”

A Valentine gift from Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy

A St Valentine present from                     Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy     “Olga Stinga, Director of the Italian Department of Sant’Anna Institute shared this recipe and she would like to announce the following special offer for Italian Classes in Sorrento   (www.sorrentolingue.com): 20% discount on the Italian language courses in February, March and April 2015! ThisContinue reading “A Valentine gift from Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy”

Learn a language in Italy: 3 different approaches

If you are traveling in Italy I have three suggestions for learning Italian that are not the standard classroom technique:             Caffe amici, a home stay and a total immersion.Italian was never spoken in my New Jersey Italian American home.Until I  attended a University abroad program in Florence I neverContinue reading “Learn a language in Italy: 3 different approaches”

Live Italian, Learn Italian, Be Italian

Just a reminder not to miss this great opportunity to Learn Italian, Live Italian in Sorrento, Italy.                SASL “CLUB 50+” PROGRAM The Club 50+ programme offers a complete package of lessons and activities, exclusively for people aged 50 and over who want to travel, meet like-minded people andContinue reading “Live Italian, Learn Italian, Be Italian”

Italian Adventure you dont want to miss

Have you always wanted to visit Italy?   Have you heard great stories about Sorrento and the many wonderful towns within a short boat or bus ride? Now there is a program that takes you from a tourist to a traveler! Why not live as an Italian while you experience Italy? Hear from recent attendeesContinue reading “Italian Adventure you dont want to miss”

2012 Language Immersion Tour in Puglia: August 19th – 26th :: Diario di una studentessa matta

Wish I could be part of the group planning this wonderful language adventure in Puglia this AugustI have toured the “farm” they are staying in and it is the ultimate country luxury! Think about joining Yle and Mellisa on this great adventue in Puglia, Italy Review the wonderful list of event.  I have visited the2012Continue reading “2012 Language Immersion Tour in Puglia: August 19th – 26th :: Diario di una studentessa matta”