Olive Oil the Italian Way

Olive Oil the basis for all Italian food In Puglia I learned how to taste olive oil, how to cook a Mediterranean diet for health and long life The Taurino Olive Farm, located in Squinzano, has been a family operation since 1942 and is now managed by  Donato and Rosaria Taurino.   Their state ofContinue reading “Olive Oil the Italian Way”

Italy: my 1,000 year old OLIVE TREE is getting cut!

HOW TO TRIM A 1,000 YEAR OLD OLIVE TREEA few months ago I adopted a 1,000 year old olive tree on the Taurino’s olive farm in Puglia Italy, in memory of a first generation Italian, my father. I will be visiting ‘my tree’ for the first time later this year but . Dr Valentino ValzanoContinue reading “Italy: my 1,000 year old OLIVE TREE is getting cut!”

1,000 year old olive tree at Taurino’s farm

 Taurino’s olive tree farm in Puglia, Italy  selected a 1,000 + year old tree for their first ‘adopt an         Olive Tree program  and I am the ‘parent’!     What was life like on the olive farm when my tree was planted 1,000 years ago?     Probably my tree started life as a graft.    Within 6 years this treeContinue reading “1,000 year old olive tree at Taurino’s farm”

Learning to taste olive oil!

Taurino’s Olive Farm I have been to oil tastings before where great bread is cut into small pieces and you dip it into the saucer of oil.   Nothing to it, si?   After visiting Azienda Agricola Taurino and meeting Donato Taurino and Valentino Valzano I have a NEW appreciation for the benefits, properties and true beautyContinue reading “Learning to taste olive oil!”