Pizza the way the Romas make it

I just found my video from the morning I spent in Romes Piazza di Firore. while visiting my favorite stalls and noting that one of the very elderly men who sold kitchen gadgets was no longer at the morning market I followed the sent of baking foccia. when I could not get into the storeContinue reading “Pizza the way the Romas make it”

Italy, Pizza home delivery!

  Photo thanks to Sorrento Info Pizza!  Home Delivery in Italy?  Say it is not so…. Italian Americans (in New Jersey at least) probably eat Pizza once a week or more.  Living in the south, it is nearly impossible to find what I call “real” pizza.  Stopping for a slice is a phrase I hearContinue reading “Italy, Pizza home delivery!”

Pizza school in Napoli?

Can anyone tell me how to find the Pizza School in Napoli? While  in Sorrento, italy I visited Napoli for the San Genero Festival and street procession (I am Italian American but may have been the only non local there) I saw signs for a  Pizza School taking the phone number was a waste of timeContinue reading “Pizza school in Napoli?”