New Tours by Yle in Puglia: Eat, cook, learn

  Join acclaimed chef Rachel Woolcott and her local Puglia foodie experts on an 8 night culinary immersion program that will leave you feeling like a local.            This amazing journey will give you an unforgettable week of wine and food tasting, cooking lessons, demonstrations and learning the culinary secrets of this beautiful Italian region.        Continue reading “New Tours by Yle in Puglia: Eat, cook, learn”

Puglia Italy: affordable retreat/Tour with Blissful Travels with Margaret

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Call 860.978.8111 Blissful Travels with Margaret presents “Get Blissful in Puglia, Italy” May 13 – 20, 2014 or May 13 – 23, 2014Margaret Sylvester & Ylenia Sambati have created a fabulous, affordable Retreat/Tour for 8 guests. If you are a foodie, wine lover, a shopper, like art and history, love being pampered, wantContinue reading “Puglia Italy: affordable retreat/Tour with Blissful Travels with Margaret”

Italians Vacation in Puglia

Ferragosto an Italian ritual of the August holiday when many city shops and restaurants  are closed.  According to Wikipedia the “term Ferragosto is derived from the Latin expression Feriae Augusti (Augustus’ rest), introduced by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC.” Today, many Italians vacation at the seaside.  Unlike beaches Americans might recognize with endless sandContinue reading “Italians Vacation in Puglia”

Puglia, an Important Wine Destination

Puglia: an Important Wine Destination                                                                                                                               : Sun, Sea, Wind , Wines of the Salento By, Yle Sambati, Lecce, Italy   Being an native of the area of Puglia, the Salento, Ylenia Sambati knows the land, the people and the rewards that hard working farmers can obtain from the grape vines that cover the rich soil.Continue reading “Puglia, an Important Wine Destination”

Best Tour Guides in Italy

  Dream of Italy has been posting a great list of tour guides throughout Italy.   Congratulations Yle!   I travel Home To Italy every year and try to stay 4 to 6 weeks.   In 10+ years I don’t think I have ever taken a tour in Italy before meeting Roberta in Bologna or my BlogContinue reading “Best Tour Guides in Italy”

Italy: classic car drive with Yltour

CLASSIC CAR EXPERIENCE IN PUGLIA, ITALY May 1 – 6, 2013 YLTOUR opens its 2013 season with an exclusive road experience from May 1 – 6 on the beautiful Salento area, Italy. This is your chance to explore the area on board  these magnificent cars along with luxury catering and accommodation.     The car will haveContinue reading “Italy: classic car drive with Yltour”

Italy with Help from a travel planner

  When traveling not all trips are  vacations, some are adventures, some for business or just the activity of getting from one place to another. Planning an adventure/vacation/trip yourself often gives you as much satisfaction as taking the trip.  However, when you want something special or beyond the basic you often need a professional to share theContinue reading “Italy with Help from a travel planner”

Life in Italy vs America part 1

y After commenting on a recipe for veggies and pureed fava beans on Villa Magnolia’s web site I had an  interesting chat with one of the owners.   This is a dish I tried for the first time while in Puglia with and was amazed at how much I enjoyed this dish. Growing up ItalianContinue reading “Life in Italy vs America part 1”

Photo Tour in Italy with Yle

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY Yele  will show you where to look When you travel do you take endless photos of  ‘must see’ buildings, bridges and monuments? With digital cameras we can snap hundreds of photos with the plan to sort and file them when we return home.      How many of your photos are so memorable that they do not need a writtenContinue reading “Photo Tour in Italy with Yle”

Italian Organic Cooking in Puglia

Our friend Yle, the creator of has another great oportunity to experience Puglia, Italy from the inside:   cooking organic.        Think of walking to the market to select fresh produce, breads and fruits that will be transformed that day into a special organic meal. ORGANIC COOKING CLASSES IN PUGLIA WITH YLE Organic produce simply tastesContinue reading “Italian Organic Cooking in Puglia”