Pasta at Midnight: The Italian way

  Mamma Anna at the midnight pasta fest          Our friend and best guest poster, Yle from Puglia was able to send this great story before she launches her next week long event in Lecce:    a culinary tour with chef Kathy Ayer and another amazing tour for 12 lucky participants   Yltour hosted anotherContinue reading “Pasta at Midnight: The Italian way”

Mamma Mia ! An Italian Flower

Meet Belfiore or as we will know her in our future cooking series, Mamma Anna! Our friend Yle with Yltours in Lecce, Puglia will do the interview for me today.   And although I have not met Signore Sambati yet, I already feel as if we are friends.  Anna in the kitchen with her sisterContinue reading “Mamma Mia ! An Italian Flower”

Italian style: sunglasses!

Yle, with Italian women and men are always dressed well when they go out each day. Sometimes I fail to notice how well dressed the Italians are, because I am often amazed how ‘lovely’ a group they are!   Yle gave me some insight, telling me that “we Pugliesi pay a lot of attentionContinue reading “Italian style: sunglasses!”

You Can eat the flowers in Italy

On a recent face book post Lesley Daoust,  who co owns a villa in Puglia that gives travelers and tourists an incredible experience, shared with me the recipe for  Zucchini flowers….. Yes you cook and eat the flowers!  I have been fascinated by the delicacy after seeing the flowers sold in the food market inContinue reading “You Can eat the flowers in Italy”

Italian case a corte. Do you know what this is?

In Italy, have you heard of a court house?    Out friend Yle was telling me about a ‘court house’ in Lecce that would be perfect for my next stay,  ……….     She explained a court house is the typical “case a corte” in Lecce with pietra leccese (lecce stone).    Case a corte, houses withContinue reading “Italian case a corte. Do you know what this is?”

Yoga in Italy? This is not India…no it is better!!!

Is travel sometimes exhausting, trying to see everything in a short amount of time?   Why not spend some of your adventure living in Puglia and enjoying a yoga retreat?   See what Yle has created for you……. YOGA RETREAT IN SALENTO WITH YLTOUR IN PUGLIA  A wonderful natural setting to relax and restore   …Take space andContinue reading “Yoga in Italy? This is not India…no it is better!!!”

2012 Language Immersion Tour in Puglia: August 19th – 26th :: Diario di una studentessa matta

Wish I could be part of the group planning this wonderful language adventure in Puglia this AugustI have toured the “farm” they are staying in and it is the ultimate country luxury! Think about joining Yle and Mellisa on this great adventue in Puglia, Italy Review the wonderful list of event.  I have visited the2012Continue reading “2012 Language Immersion Tour in Puglia: August 19th – 26th :: Diario di una studentessa matta”

Life in Italy as a Vegetarian!

When you think of Italy you think of the wonderful cured meats, the regional specialties of perhaps hare or bore.     If you thought you could not travel and eat well in Italy, Yle shares with us first hand knowledge of the bella vegetarian life in Puglia!Why not join her and the mammas onContinue reading “Life in Italy as a Vegetarian!”

Easter! Pasqua in Italia, how to celebrate as an Italian

Pasqua: among colomba*, almond paste lambs  and chocolate eggs! The holy week in Puglia, just like in the rest of Italy is a very busy one in every kitchen. Lots of sweet stuffs to prepare, mainly based on almond paste, breads (with a row of eggs on top), cookies and chocolate eggs of any sizeContinue reading “Easter! Pasqua in Italia, how to celebrate as an Italian”