Gelato! A food group all it’s own!

Perhaps I LOVE ice cream because of my Italian blood………and it is really gelato I am looking for every time I stop at an ice cream store.       When home in Italy each year  I taste gelato in every town I visit in Italy.   I have my favorite gelato stores and flavorsContinue reading “Gelato! A food group all it’s own!”

Old has a new meaning in Italy!

When Americans visit an historic city or site in the USA, we think old is 300 years, but when you walk the streets of any village or town in Italy you are walking in History!     Imagine there are no cars or motor bikes and you can see the streets as they were hundredContinue reading “Old has a new meaning in Italy!”

Travel Convention to Promote Puglia..

Each week we have been viewing Sunday in Italy with Yle, in Lecce, Italy.   This week Yle is returning from a large travel convention in Milan.   Even after a busy week out of town, Yle found time to tell us how she spent Sunday! Let’s step into the local shops in Lecce, Yle’s favorite placesContinue reading “Travel Convention to Promote Puglia..”

A new series on life in Puglia, Italy

Buono Cibo, amici e Famiglia, in Puglia with Yle Good food, Friends and family in Puglia Italy wit Yle, a personal travel consultant who can make YOUR dream trip to Italy a reality…..  Sunday at mama Anna’s house. Yle’s sister (right) Each Sunday we will try to share an Italian experience with Yle, visiting family, eating SundayContinue reading “A new series on life in Puglia, Italy”

Alberobello, Italy A world Heritage Site

Come visit for the fantasy, stay and enjoy the endless kindness of the people of Alberobello. Yes I visited Alberobello to see the Trullia house I had heard so much about.  They are listed on the World Heritage list and although it is a life ambition to visit most of this list, I know itContinue reading “Alberobello, Italy A world Heritage Site”