Museum of the Liberation of Rome

    Museo storico della Liberazione, Rome  another unique experience to discover- beyond the tourist sites. The museum recording the liberation of Rome from the Nazi occupation is housed in a non descript apartment building not far from the Basilica of St John Laterna. Here you will find records of the Italian Resistance in 1944Continue reading “Museum of the Liberation of Rome”

Rome offers Surprises: You just have to search

Basilica di Santa Prassede, Romea photo review of a glittering interior Via di Santa Prassede, 9 I spend my weeks Home to Italy, walking the side streets, neighborhoods, cemeteries and marketsI discover in each part of the city I explore.   Often a small, plain entrance can offer an amazing surprise and on this dayContinue reading “Rome offers Surprises: You just have to search”

Italy: Tivoli Villa d’Este in the rain

Traveling does not always have sunny days…………….Often your schedule may not be that flexible or allow you to ‘go another day’.  You may plan a museum day if the forecast is rain unless it is the only day you can visit the famous garden in Tivoli Italy. My day to see Tivoli, after 5 years of saying ‘IContinue reading “Italy: Tivoli Villa d’Este in the rain”

Rome: Paint and Sketch in a Roman Park with artist Kelly Medford

Rome:  Art in the Park with Kelly Medford Several years ago I spent 2 days following Kelly while she painted in Rome.   She was gracious to allow me to shadow her while she completed a project of painting a picture every day!  see post at  Rome Italy through the eyes of a talented American artist.Continue reading “Rome: Paint and Sketch in a Roman Park with artist Kelly Medford”

Vatican train to Papal Estate from The Guardian

A post on FB from The Guardian dated 9/11/2015 shared this news. “Vatican launches rail service to papal  summer estate New papal portrait gallery in Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo features oil paintings of popes dating back to 16th century A train leaves St Peter’s railway station in Vatican City. Photograph: Angelo Carconi/EPA      Continue reading “Vatican train to Papal Estate from The Guardian”

Rome Italy through the eyes of a talented American artist

 Kelly Medford:  see her paintings at  After reading a post on sketching in Rome, by Browsing Rome , I discovered Kelly Medford an expat and an accomplished artist living and working in Rome.   Browsing Rome always shares a wonderful insiders’ view of life in Rome, restaurants and interesting places to visit, that tourists mayContinue reading “Rome Italy through the eyes of a talented American artist”

Rome: A mini guide by Agness Walewinder

By:  Agness WalewinderTravel blogger I was thrilled when Agnes offered to write a guest post on Rome for   Home To Italy.       In the comments share with us your favorite place in Rome.     -A mini guide to Rome, Italy- If you are looking for a historical city full of stunning monuments, mouth-watering dishes, greatContinue reading “Rome: A mini guide by Agness Walewinder”

Rome: for the BEST resource list

When I begin to think about planning my next trip to Italy and have Rome on the agendaI pull out the following post from  I have said before and posted her exceptional stories,  that Browsing Rome is a great source of information.  Here is a wonderful list to review before your trip.   YouContinue reading “Rome: for the BEST resource list”