Rome Artist to teach in Umbria

Art of the Painted Sketch: August 21-28, 2013Umbria, Italy (repost from Kelly’s site) Join us for a week of sun, wine, Italian home cooking and painting in a restored villa tucked away in the wooded hills of Umbria. In this intimate and relaxed setting you will gain a new ease and confidencein capturing the lightContinue reading “Rome Artist to teach in Umbria”


   My expert for questions on Rome is Ron in Rome.   His web site gives all the info for a first time visitor and as a perpetual traveler Home To Italy, I use it as a resource for my own needs in Rome and Italy:  trains, buses, where to stay, navigate the train station orContinue reading “ROME TAXI FARES INCREASiING”

Rome, Where to Eat? Expat gives great advice

  Where to eat when you arrive in a new city is an opportunity or something to dread….. While traveling I try to keep a list of restaurants and cafes where I am comfortable to drop in and enjoy a meal.    has taken all the work out of searching for ‘food’ while traveling in Rome.   Continue reading “Rome, Where to Eat? Expat gives great advice”

Solo Travel To Rome: where to eat solo????

As I prepare for my 8th solo Trip Home to Italy I asked a colleague where would she recommend to eat, solo, in RomeI think I shall try at least one of them next week when I am home in Italia!!! Here are some restaurants for a solo dinner: 1 – “Le Finestre” in via Chiana 80,Continue reading “Solo Travel To Rome: where to eat solo????”