Live Italian, Learn Italian, Be Italian

Just a reminder not to miss this great opportunity to Learn Italian, Live Italian in Sorrento, Italy.                SASL “CLUB 50+” PROGRAM The Club 50+ programme offers a complete package of lessons and activities, exclusively for people aged 50 and over who want to travel, meet like-minded people andContinue reading “Live Italian, Learn Italian, Be Italian”

Do you have Sicilian Roots? Travel in Sicily with an expert

I had hoped to write my own story about Ciro Grillo after a trip to Sicily, but he is offering services you might need now, so I shall post information on from a post Ciro did on face book.    I was most interested in his ability to help fellow Italian Americans find theirContinue reading “Do you have Sicilian Roots? Travel in Sicily with an expert”

Drive in Classic Cars in Italy!

           This week Yle will share with us the excitement of speeding through the beautiful Puglia countryside with the wind blowing through your hair and the wonderful colors of the Italian sky.            You must visit to experience the colors of Italy:    the distinctive blue of the sky and the various greens of ancient treesContinue reading “Drive in Classic Cars in Italy!”

Are you "invisible" when you travel? Or do you make a "statement"

Have you seen the shows where someone is selected off the street for a  “make over” ?How bad do you have to look to be selected from a crowd in a city of millions? My 2012 adventure home to Italy this November had a stop in Great Britain.  The Queen Mary took me from NYCContinue reading “Are you "invisible" when you travel? Or do you make a "statement"”

No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy

Do you drag too much luggage with you on vacation or trips?   After you purchase all those wonderful treasures, do you find there is no space in your bag to bring them home?    And the fees to fly with an additonal bag can be very costly.  I was recently told if my bag was over the weightContinue reading “No more luggage fees when I visit Florence Italy”

Now that I no longer take vacations, I have adventures!

going home to Italy every year is something I look forward to every year.I always visit Florence, the city that convinced me to return for a semester abroad while at Syracuse University.   As all college students I had gone through the shock of moving away to a town where I knew almost no one, butContinue reading “Now that I no longer take vacations, I have adventures!”

Even nuns have a bad day sometimes…..

I am traveling in Italy for 30 days and this is not a glamor trip. While doing several other projects, see other posts, I am trying to see if I can do Italy on 100 a day. NO not 100 dollars, 100 euors and it is difficult. So I am staying in convent hotels inContinue reading “Even nuns have a bad day sometimes…..”

Flash Backs of Italy! Or just dreams of a life in the Tuscan Hills?

Have you visited Italy or have you dreamed of a trip to the wonderful areas of Italy? Take a moment to meat a colleague of mine I met while promoting Italian real estate here in the USA. Ms Ford and I stayed in touch over the past 6 years and visit every trip I returnContinue reading “Flash Backs of Italy! Or just dreams of a life in the Tuscan Hills?”

No more Beach Vacations

Now that I don’t spend every waking hour tanning or sitting on the beach (even if i did spend the time reading a book) it opens up far more time and opportunity on where I can travel, solo.The beach is wonderful and the view of the sea or ocean one of the joys of life,Continue reading “No more Beach Vacations”

ice cream the next food group!

once again, Dream Of Italy, (subscribe to their news letter) has captured a part of Vita Italia that we do not have here.  read and dream.   This is something any Solo Traveler can do!   Go now, Go Home To Itlay!!! Dream of Italy Travel Newsletter: A Reason to Fly to Italy: The Florence Gelato FestivalDreamContinue reading “ice cream the next food group!”