American Expat Teaches Cooking from life in Umbria

              Today I add a new contributor, expat      Anne Robichaud I hope to make Anne’s posts a feature in our blog.   Anne gives us the perspective from Italy on daily life, cooking, food and my favorite the neighbors and friends she treasures.   Anne Robichaud – An Umbrian tour guide in Italy most of theContinue reading “American Expat Teaches Cooking from life in Umbria”

Villa Rental in Umbria

Many, many people have read or heard about Under the Tuscan Sun. by Frances Mayes. Have you dreamed of staying in a villa in Italy,  enjoying a meal outside overlooking the rolling green hills?  Living the life of an Italian where you enjoy your food, enjoy conversations with your neighbors and the intoxicating smell ofContinue reading “Villa Rental in Umbria”