Venice: the vera da pozzo: Water Wells

Venice may be one of the most photographed cities in Italy and well deserved. The canals, the colorful gondolas and the many bridges are only a few of the unique sites to photograph. It is easy to miss items that have a great story to tell. Sometimes only a local can share insight and storiesContinue reading “Venice: the vera da pozzo: Water Wells”

Venice: What do gondoliers wear on their feet?

What do gondoliers wear on their feet?      When you think of Venice, the first thought may be the iconic gondola ride along the grand canal or on one of the quiet canals traversing the many islands that make up this city.   .  You can enjoy watching the approximate 400  glossy black gondolas silently passing from theContinue reading “Venice: What do gondoliers wear on their feet?”

Venice: The Venician Beads are Speaking…………………

“Tuttifruttii” each bead is different Click, Click …………. I hear this rhythmic sound as I walk with Marisa Convento in the residential neighborhood historically known for the ‘bead stringers’, the impiraresse.    As the beads tap against each other, they produce a music. Marisa tells me she never leaves home without ‘the beads’ and the oneContinue reading “Venice: The Venician Beads are Speaking…………………”

ITALY: Rome airport adds trains to Northern Cities

Just saw this online, Trains from the Rome Airport to Venice and other stopsNo Change in Rome? OME Search Direct trains from Rome Fiumicino Airport Travel directly from the airport in Rome to Venice, with stops in Florence, Bologna and Padova Now there’s one less connection to make when you’re traveling from Rome Fiumicino Airport to popular stopsContinue reading “ITALY: Rome airport adds trains to Northern Cities”

Venice in Photos NOT of the tourist sites

 I am again in Venice for the second time this month to meet with the woman who speaks to the beads.    A separate story on that event later. There are many islands surrounding the main island of Venice that are not mentioned in tour books.  Not all of the islands are on vaporetto lines soContinue reading “Venice in Photos NOT of the tourist sites”

Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos

On my way to Germany for a press trip I spent Easter in Italy………..the food, the people and the ceremony  were a great reintroduction into European life.Four cities in a week is not for the average traveler but far better than just ‘arriving’ at my first assignment. Later this month you can follow my 7Continue reading “Three Quick Stops in Italy via Photos”

Venice: Missing ANOTHER!

Thanks to Monica,  my local expert in Venice and new travel friend,  for sharing another one of a kind event in Venice Monica showed me parts of Venezia I never knew about and she also can teach her students to cook!  Article is from Festa della Sensa 2014   Saturday and Sunday MayContinue reading “Venice: Missing ANOTHER!”

Venice: the ultimate party, Carnival!

Carnival in New Orleans is NOTHING like the bad ass party that is Carnival in Venice!I may never be able to attend Carnival but I can dream …………….Now that I know there are parties, dances, special events and the pomp of parading in costumes……it has long been my theory that people act differently with the anonymityContinue reading “Venice: the ultimate party, Carnival!”