Florence Co Op serves lunch, sells handcrafts

Maestri di Fabbrica Borgo degli Albizi 68R    50122 Florence, Italy                                                         Phone number +39 055 242321       website maestridifabbrica.eu                                I found this unusual store on a street behind the Duomo (cathedral) while doing my usual traveler activity of walking all the streets in a town or as many as possible inContinue reading “Florence Co Op serves lunch, sells handcrafts”

W Wine from Italy

Wine: When I walk down the aisles of wine displayed in stores, I always smile when I see vino di Italia.I will read the label to see if I have visited the region or town where the wine is ‘created’. http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/F6V88j252KQ&source=uds                            Continue reading “W Wine from Italy”

Real Italian Cooking: come to Puglia

A Mediterranean diet has been declared a healthy way to live and as I encounter Italians of an ‘advanced’ age who look vital and younger than their years, I have to believe there is something to this. Our expert in Puglia, Yle Sambati the owner of Yltour.com (yltourcongressi.com)  has created the perfect culinary experience for  chefs and would beContinue reading “Real Italian Cooking: come to Puglia”