Italy The Sea View in Gallipolli

Gallipolli, Italy   An active port where you find fresh seafood daily On my last day in Lecce with a Yltour adventure Yle Sambati saved the best for last. We arrived in Gallipoli just before sunset as the fishing boats had unloaded their catch.  Nothing fresher for an evening meal.   Following the cobblestone streets aroundContinue reading “Italy The Sea View in Gallipolli”

Italy: Outside in the piazza, the view from a window

My view of Piazza Plebiscito from the windows of theCooking and Wine school in Squinzano, Puglia shows a slice of Italian life.  For me this is better than viewing a monument, visiting a museum or even a famous building.  The daily life around me while I am Home to Italy is why I return every year for longerContinue reading “Italy: Outside in the piazza, the view from a window”

Italy: MAMMA what are you cooking?

Cooking with Mamma Giulia.   Another one of a kind experience from  Yle with www.yltourcongressi simple ingredients  The people I meet on my trips Home to Italy each year,  are the parts of each trip I remember for years.     I met Mamma Giulia on an earlier trip when I had a tour of Masseria Provenzani,Continue reading “Italy: MAMMA what are you cooking?”

New Tours by Yle in Puglia: Eat, cook, learn

  Join acclaimed chef Rachel Woolcott and her local Puglia foodie experts on an 8 night culinary immersion program that will leave you feeling like a local.            This amazing journey will give you an unforgettable week of wine and food tasting, cooking lessons, demonstrations and learning the culinary secrets of this beautiful Italian region.        Continue reading “New Tours by Yle in Puglia: Eat, cook, learn”

Puglia, an Important Wine Destination

Puglia: an Important Wine Destination                                                                                                                               : Sun, Sea, Wind , Wines of the Salento By, Yle Sambati, Lecce, Italy   Being an native of the area of Puglia, the Salento, Ylenia Sambati knows the land, the people and the rewards that hard working farmers can obtain from the grape vines that cover the rich soil.Continue reading “Puglia, an Important Wine Destination”

Puglia, Italy: the contact you need Puglia Italy by VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL         While searching links to Italy on FB 2 years ago, I discovered Yle Sambati from Lecce, Italy. I had never traveled south of Naples and the SE portion of Italy was a part of Italy I wanted to see along with Sicily and allContinue reading “Puglia, Italy: the contact you need”

Italy with Help from a travel planner

  When traveling not all trips are  vacations, some are adventures, some for business or just the activity of getting from one place to another. Planning an adventure/vacation/trip yourself often gives you as much satisfaction as taking the trip.  However, when you want something special or beyond the basic you often need a professional to share theContinue reading “Italy with Help from a travel planner”

Yoga in Italy, Healthy Food Tours in Puglia

More than a vacation, more than a tourist, have an adventure in Italy with yltour  the creator of personal travel in Puglia, Italy. Now you can bring friends and clients for a private Yoga retreat in Puglia.   But it is so much more: healthy cooking lessons, explore mental and physical health techniques all in anContinue reading “Yoga in Italy, Healthy Food Tours in Puglia”

My adventure in Puglia, Italy

After many trips to Italy I decided to explore some of the “secret” areas of Italy that I know nothing about. Sicily and the area north of Venice have been on my list for a long time but then I met Yle. I believe I “stumbled” on Ylena on Face Book, or she found me at Continue reading “My adventure in Puglia, Italy”