Italian Christmas Tradtions 2012

What 5 traditions do Italians  share with Italian Americans?

I just spent the 4 weeks before Christmas in Italy.    This trip’s goal was to visit Italian Christmas markets and find what traditions crossed the ocean when our relatives emigrated to the United States…….

I was not prepared for all the surprises that I found.

From Lake Como in the North to Lecce in Puglia in the South the universal Christmas tradition was the incredible Lights in the Streets.

My first night in Como was a wonderful surprise as I exited the hotel that evening.    Only after the sunsets can you appreciate the glow of the hundreds or thousands of white lights reflecting off the cobble stones and the shop windows.
Some towns had simple lights and some more intense.   In Florence each street had a different style light while Sorento had the same lights on all the main streets.   I found no one who could tell me if the town/city decided on the style of the lights or if individual neighborhoods selected the style of lights they wanted to use……

 I did not see ONE inflatable santa, not ONE inflatable snowman.   Decorations were elegant and tasteful!   Simple colors and designs.

Next I asked about Food and how Italians spend 12/24 and 12/25.

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