Italians Vacation in Puglia

Ferragosto an Italian ritual of the August holiday when many city shops and restaurants  are closed.  According to Wikipedia the “term Ferragosto is derived from the Latin expression Feriae Augusti (Augustus’ rest), introduced by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC.”

Today, many Italians vacation at the seaside.  Unlike beaches Americans might recognize with endless sand and waves to surf in, Italian beaches can be small coves, rock covered inlets and often ‘businesses renting chairs and umbrellas placed on every inch of the shore line as well as platforms constructed sololy to allow sun lovers to be as close to the sea as possible!
This past August my friend Isabell took her vacation in Puglia.  She shares her impression of her first trip to the sea in Puglia.    
Puglia, South of Italy, further South you’ll find the beautiful Salento Region.
Pebble beaches with crystal clear water and local cuisine with fresh ingredients, handmade pasta, sun ripened vegetables and the most delicious fish dishes. Not to forget the crunchy homemade bread that will be put immediately on your table. Of course Puglia is also famous for its olive oil and has a large selection of local wines.
Medium size hotels and apartments to rent do not allow mass tourism to destroy the pleasant atmosphere. Places to visit could be Santa Maria di Leuca situated along “lungomare” which offers equipped beaches, several restaurants and a centre with a few shops, if you are looking for untouched nature Novaglie could be worth a visit. Families, couples, singles of every age mingle in a friendly atmosphere.
Visitors are mostly Italians, many from Northern Italy and Tuscany and a few Europeans, hardly any Americans.
So when exploring Venice, Florence or Rome, why not include a trip to Puglia to discover the “real” Italy and enjoy not being treated as a tourist, but as a visitor. Live “Italian” – at least for a while.
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