Italy: Outside in the piazza, the view from a window

My view of Piazza Plebiscito from the windows of the
Cooking and Wine school in Squinzano, Puglia shows a slice of Italian life.  

For me this is better than viewing a monument, visiting a museum or even a famous building.  The daily life around me while I am Home to Italy is why I return every year for longer trips.

View from the BnB across the square of the Cooking and Wine School

The square was very quiet when our group arrived and all the local residents were either at home having lunch or at work in towns too far away to return for the home cooked meal most Italians grew up enjoying.

After our wonderful lunch and wine tastings at the Cooking and Wine school ,  the square began to come alive.   Several older men started to drift into the square.  Some re-occupied seats that may have been designated ‘theirs’ for the past 10+ years!   I wonder  if seats are rotated when one of the group moves away or passes on?  Some questions there is no one to ask.

The men of the piazza

I have been told by Italians that the main square or central street becomes the ‘living room’ where you meet and greet friends and neighbors.   
Some Italian apartments are small so instead of inviting people to your home, you will chat with them in these communal spaces. 
Often you will see large groups out for lunch or dinner on Sunday.   A restaurant is another location where an entire family and friends can meet and enjoy time together.    

The local bar is the gathering place for the entire town.  In the early afternoon there were only men here

The local bar opened and small tables were being set up in the square.  Reading the paper, chatting about any topic and playing cards appeared to be the afternoons agenda.

Tables will move outside soon and the cards would be shuffled
I annoyed this lovely man until I received this great
smile, his friends told me he was in his 80’s

Enjoy a cooking class and wine and/or oil tasting class in the Cooking and Wine school created by  Ylenia Sambati, CEO of  

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A traveler not a tourist, searching for experiences not in travel books. Solo traveler who travels as long and far as possible sharing photos of the people and places I discover

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